Overwatch League Drew Over 10 Million Viewers in its First Week

Overwatch League Drew Over 10 Million Viewers in its First Week

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Overwatch League saw huge numbers in its first week, with Activision claiming it reached 10 million viewers.

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There were a lot of questions around Overwatch League before it launched. Questions about the production value, level of competition and importantly, would anyone watch it? The early signs were very, very good though with the first day blowing past even the most generous of guesses in terms of viewership.

Well, now the dust of the first week has settled a little, and Activision has given us a fuller idea of how the league performed throughout. Like the first day viewership, it’s surprisingly high. It claims a total of 10 million people tuned in at some point to watch it. This accounts for every service that was broadcasting it, from Twitch to MLG to the Chinese broadcasters.

Impressively though, people weren’t just tuning in and out for big event games either. Activision claims that the average viewer count across the week was around 280,000. That is a big number as it seemingly suggests some kind of retention with the audience. Remember, there were many who doubted the league would pass 100K at its peak, so that is great.

The League is gearing up for its second week, and seeing if it holds numbers will be fascinating. I personally have loved watching it and I’m excited about following it. There are still long-term questions about the competition, largely around if it can sustain itself, but it all has gone about as well as it could have in its first week. Here’s hoping it all continues to be rosy.

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