Splatoon 2 Sets Milestone as First Home Game to Sell 2 Million Copies In Japan this Decade

Splatoon 2 Sets Milestone as First Home Game to Sell 2 Million Copies In Japan this Decade

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Splatoon 2 has passed a significant milestone becoming the first game to sell 2 million copies on a home console in Japan in over a decade.

Splatoon 2

It’s no secret that mobile is king in Japan. As how console and PC gaming are seen as the primary interaction with games in the West amongst core gamers, handheld and mobile devices is that in Japan. It’s one of the great divides in gaming culture between the two territories, and you can see it represented in what franchises and devices sell most in both.

Here is one such fact to illustrate that for you. As reported by Metro, the series is the first console game to pass sales of 2 million this decade, now matching the achievements of Wii Party.

Now, of course, this is a little bit unfair on other console games. The Switch is a hybrid console, so it satisfies a market that demands to game on the move. At the same time though it is a ringing endorsement of just how well the series has done in the country. While the West certainly likes its Splatoon, it is a bit of a phenomenon on the other side of the Pacific. The multiplayer ink battles seemed to really catch on over there, and of course, having that experience on the move was always going to be a mixture for success in Ja[an.

I assume this means we can expect to see some sequels in the franchise’s future, although that probably isn’t all that surprising. Hopefully next time around the series takes just a few more risks and adds some freshness that felt just a little lacking in Splatoon 2.  The core concept remains as strong as ever though, and I don’t think many would be adverse to more squiding and kidding in the future.

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