David Harbour Wants to Make a Fat Indiana Jones Reboot, Explains Why Hellboy is Better Than Marvel

David Harbour Wants to Make a Fat Indiana Jones Reboot, Explains Why Hellboy is Better Than Marvel

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Stranger Things star David Harbour apparently isn’t satisfied with getting to play Hellboy in the upcoming R-Rated eponymous reboot. Harbour wants to reboot another iconic geek franchise, and he’s apparently getting so full of himself, he plans to make drastic changes to the character.

In an interview with physics-obsessed entertainment blog Collider, Harbour revealed his hopes to star in a remake of Indiana Jones, and what changes he would make to the character previously played by Harrison Ford.

“I love all kinds of stuff,” Harbour revealed. “I really am so eclectic in my taste. I love film noir, I love thrillers, and I love big blockbuster popcorn cinema stuff, but I like it when it’s twinged with a bit more social consciousness. There was some joking online, six months or a year ago, about rebooting Indiana Jones, and I would love to reboot Indiana Jones, if he was bipolar and a little bit fat and spent too much time grading papers.”

We don’t know about you, but we’re on board with this. Harbour continued, explaining why Hellboy is better than Marvel’s movies.

“I would like to add some darkness to the really fun cinema that we have,” Harbour explained. “In that way, that’s what drew me to Hellboy. I really like big swashbuckling superhero films, but I feel like that Marvel universe is not adult enough. Deadpool and Logan tried to take the mythos in that direction, and I wanted to do that with Hellboy. That’s what I like. I like big, fun cinema, and then I like it to have more of an adult twinge to it, which makes simple concepts, of even something like love, much more complicated than perhaps we portray it for children or teenagers. I want to do something adult and complex where there are sacrifices or things don’t always work out.”

We’ll have to wait and see how Hellboy does at the box office, but if it makes enough money, Harbour might just have the clout to make this totally serious proposition happen.

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