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[Rumor] Dan Fogelman Rewriting 'Indiana Jones 5' Script

[Rumor] Dan Fogelman Rewriting ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Script

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything concrete about plans for a 5th installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, but, there could be reason for that. As we last reported, production on the film had been pushed back from April of 2019 (which, obviously didn’t happen), and wasn’t going to make it’s loose release […]

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Netflix’s January Offerings: ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘Pulp Fiction’, and More

If you’re asking yourself what to watch in the month of January, never fear- Netflix has some pretty great titles coming from the 1st-30th in January 2019. January 1st: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Season 3 Across the Universe Babel Black Hawk Down City of God COMEDIANS of the World — Netflix original Definitely, Maybe […]

Did You Know: Kathleen Kennedy Was a Dancer in ‘Temple of Doom’?!

Last night, the annual Governor’s Awards ceremony happened in California, and one of the evenings’ honorees was none other than LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy. The long-time Spielberg collaborator and producer received the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, to honor creative producers, whose bodies of work reflect a consistently high quality of motion picture production. While accepting her […]

We LOVE this Indiana Jones Animated Adventure Short

With Disney ramping up all their properties to flesh out their streaming service (Disney+), we’d actually really love to see this Indiana Jones cartoon series happen. Posted to Facebook by Mootion- Daily Animation Inspiration, this INCREDIBLE fan-made animated short featuring our favorite archeologist adventurer is the type of thing we’d love to see happen on […]


Disney’s Release Dates for Indiana Jones 5, Untitled 2021 Marvel Movie, and More

We knew earlier this month that production on the fifth Indiana Jones film had been pushed back from 2019 to 2020 with the bringing in of screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan to polish (and/or possibly rewrite) the script, but that hopes were high the film would make a year to two years release date. Today Disney confirmed that they […]

Marion Ravenwood’s ‘Raiders’ Hangover Cure Finally Revealed

Sometimes FilmTwitter can be an amazing place, with creators and fans asking the right questions at the right time. This happened recently with an Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark longstanding question that needed to be answered. Mainly: what the hell is it that Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) holds up to her temples after winning […]

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Steven Spielberg is Open to the Idea of a Female Indiana Jones

It’s time for a new dream gender bent casting. Fans have been wondering if we’re ever going to see a female version of James Bond for years now, but one of the greatest directors of all time is open to gender bending one of his creations. In an interview with The Sun Steven Spielberg revealed […]

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Fortune and Glory, Kid: Spielberg Eyeing Indiana Jones 5 to Direct Next

What will Steven Spielberg direct next? Sources are swirling in Tinseltown that maybe, just maybe, he’ll be returning to a particular popular archaeology professor. Last year it was reported that Spielberg was definitely planning a 5th installment in the Indiana Jones franchise, and Kathleen Kennedy confirmed (in 2015) that both Steven and Harrison Ford were interested in coming back for […]

Whoops, Man Mansplains Indiana Jones Costumes To The Designer

Social media has been amazing for the level of connection audiences can have with creators.  But also social media has been the worst possible thing for connecting certain audience members with creators.  There isn’t a day that goes by where someone protected by the anonymity of facebook or twitter decides to rip something a part, […]

Is Harrison Ford The Greatest Film Actor Of All Time?

In any field that has fans, there tends to be opinions on who is the best in that field. It’s gotten to the point where someone being called a goat no longer means they’re a scapegoat — it means they’re the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT). It leads to debates like in football with Tom […]

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Shia LaBeouf’s Mutt Williams Will Not Appear In Indiana Jones 5

There is speculation that the fifth entry in the Indiana Jones franchise will pass the wide-brimmed fedora and whip from Harrison Ford into younger hands who can carry the franchise further. If that does happen in Indiana Jones 5, the torch will not be passed to Henry Jones III. According to screenwriter David Koepp, Indy’s […]

‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ And ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Get Release Dates

It appears that a holiday tradition isn’t going the way we planned. After three movies in the December months announced today that Star Wars: Episode IX will move its release date to May 24, 2019. With the untitled Han Solo project also moving to May perhaps it’s time we associate Star Wars with a […]

Indiana Jones Gets A Neat Fan Video Proposing A Cartoon Version Of The Franchise

At this point, it seems a little unlikely that we will see another Indiana Jones, at least with Harrison Ford involved. The star isn’t getting any younger, and Steven Spielberg currently has a bucket load of projects on his agenda. Reboots have certainly been talked about, but for right now, maybe this will make Indy […]

Bob Iger Has Trouble Describing Where Disney Is Taking Indiana Jones

We know that 73-year old Harrison Ford is coming back for Indiana Jones 5 and that Disney doesn’t want the franchise to stop there. But just where do they go after that? THR asked Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO, and he seemed less than clear on what exactly the plans are: Not like Star Wars, no. […]

Inhumans Release Date May “Shuffle” According To Marvel’s Kevin Feige

Inhumans remains the last film in Marvel‘s currently announced schedule. Initially planned to open before the second part of Avengers: Infinity War, it is now set to debut after that film and possibly open another phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige recently told Collider the film may “shuffle off” […]

Screenwriter David Koepp Returns For Indiana Jones 5

Screenwriter David Koepp will take on scripting duties for the fifth Indiana Jones film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Koepp, a veteran of several Steven Spielberg projects, wrote films like The Lost World: Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds. He also wrote thrillers like Panic Room and directed the Kevin Bacon flick Stir of […]

Kathleen Kennedy On Indiana Jones 5

In a wide-ranging interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy briefly discussed the often talked about fifth installment of the Indiana Jones cycle. While the company is in the midst of the Star Wars comeback, both director Steven Spielberg and star Harrison Ford have been vocal about coming back to the character. “We’re […]