Report: WWE to "Daniel Bryan" Paige, Making Her Retire After Injury

Report: WWE to “Daniel Bryan” Paige, Making Her Retire After Injury

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According to a report from dirt sheet PWInsider so newsworthy they even put it outside their paywall, WWE Superstar Paige is done as an in-ring performer for WWE following an injury sustained in December. Paige was injured in a six-woman tag match at a house show on December 28th, and while it was initially believed that she would return soon, dirt sheets soon reported that she would no longer be participating in the first-ever Royal Rumble on January 28th, indicating the injury could be more serious than initially believed.

Now, PWInsider reports that Paige has been told by WWE that she will not be cleared to return to the ring at all. Though PWInsider reports that Paige could have been informed as early as Monday at WWE Raw, Paige posted about making a comeback on Instagram today, indicating she may not agree with WWE’s decision. Paige wouldn’t be the first wrestler to be at odds with WWE over her medical status. Daniel Bryan has repeatedly insisted that the best doctors in the world have cleared him for an in-ring return, but WWE won’t allow it because they’re squeamish about the PR damage surrounding concussions.

Paige, who is 25 years old and has been wrestling since she was 13, had just returned after over year of exile, which she spent travelling the world with now-ex-fiancé Alberto El Patron, making social media videos where El Patron insulted WWE and Paige’s boss, Triple H, calling him “the man with the big nose and small dick,” a claim Bleeding Cool has been unable to verify. Despite that, PWInsider reports that Paige is well liked by WWE management and that they will want her to stay on in a non-wrestling capacity, just like Daniel Bryan.

But will Paige be interested in doing that, or will she insist on wrestling somewhere else, just like Daniel Bryan has threatened to do when his contract is up? And how will this affect the ending of the movie being made about Paige’s life by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

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