Paige Biopic Fighting With My Family Gets a Trailer, New Release Date

Fighting with my Family, the movie about the life story of WWE Superstar Paige, who began wrestling at the age of 13, coming from a family of pro wrestlers, has gotten a trailer and a new release date. The movie is produced by global entertainment superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who stars in it too, […]

WWE Superstar Paige Would Prefer People Not Take Photos of Her While Sleeping

WWE Smackdown Live General Manager Paige took to Twitter Wednesday to deliver a basic lesson in manners to a photo-happy fan who apparently snapped photos of the superstar while she was sleeping because that’s apparently a thing that  needs saying. Calling the action “creepy and inappropriate,” Paige said that people should not take photos of people […]

Smackdown Live

SmackDown Live is Now the WWE’s Best Show

While RAW is still great and has some exceptional talent, SmackDown has seen an upswing in better stories, better matches, and all of the talent seems to have much better chemistry. Last night’s show was absolutely a ton of fun to watch. Every single match was great, and for me it was hard to pick […]

the miz wwe

The Miz Tries to Psych Out The New Day in SmackDown Live Opener

In all honesty, The New Day and The Miz are the most charismatic characters on WWE. Last night’s SmackDown Live gave me exactly what I wanted, with Miz TV opening up the show. And his special guest? Why, The New Day! The Miz grilled The New Day on who would be the one to enter […]

Paige Officially Announces Retirement on WWE Raw

Paige officially announced her retirement on tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw in what she said was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. Paige suffered a neck injury in December, and it was reported in January that WWE was unlikely to clear her to return to the ring. "Unfortunately due to neck […]

funko pops star wars: the last jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Gets a New Wave of Funko Pops

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will indeed be getting a second wave of Funko Pops this year. The film hits home on March 27th, some point after you can collect this wave of creatures and character updates for the always-expanding Star Wars Funko Pop line. There are some cuties here; Luke gets another Pop, more […]

Alberto El Patron Blames Paige for All the Times He Told Off WWE and Triple H

With the news this week that WWE Superstar Paige’s in-ring career could be over following an injury, her ex-boyfriend and Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron did the classiest thing possible in the situation: he blamed her for all the trash he talked to WWE while they were together. In an interview with Spanish-language outlet […]


The Weekly Static s01e23: Watchmen, Rockwell, Doherty and More!

Welcome back! It’s The Weekly Static, so that’s what you call us. That or – uh – “His Weekness”, or – uh – “Weeker,” or “El Weekerino,” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. But first? I need you to look me in the eye and put your hands on top of the table […]

Defiant WWE Superstar Paige Declares 2018 to Be the Year of Paige

Defiant WWE Superstar Paige Declares 2018 to Be the Year of Paige

WWE Superstar Paige has had a rough time the past few weeks. After making her long-awaited return to the WWE ring, leading the Absolution faction and heading into the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble match, she found herself injured by a kick to the back from Sasha Banks. According to reports from industry insiders, Paige’s in-ring […]


It’s Sadly Official: Paige Will Not Be Able to Compete in the Royal Rumble

I genuinely feel awful for Paige. After being gone for nearly a year following neck surgery, she made her triumphant return late last year to much fanfare. Alongside her new group Absolution, she was set to shake up the women’s roster. Unfortunately, after a botched kick from Sasha Banks at a house show, it appears […]

Report: WWE to “Daniel Bryan” Paige, Making Her Retire After Injury

According to a report from dirt sheet PWInsider so newsworthy they even put it outside their paywall, WWE Superstar Paige is done as an in-ring performer for WWE following an injury sustained in December. Paige was injured in a six-woman tag match at a house show on December 28th, and while it was initially believed […]

WWE NXT Elite Ember Moon Target Exclusive 3

WWE NXT Gets a Plethora of New Figures at Target Stores

WWE’s line of NXT figures have been a hit at Target stores since debuting in 2017. Some of the biggest names form NXTs past and present have had figures debut, and these waves will be no different. Former champions, future stars, and fan favorites will be in both Elite and basic form this spring. Mattel […]


2017 Wrestling Countdown #1: Paige and Alberto Del Rio Make a Cute Couple

It’s hard to decide which Total Divas, Paige or Eva Marie, produced the best off-screen drama in 2017, so we’re glad to see that both of them shared top billing in the most-read wrestling post of the year. This one focused mainly on the saga of Paige and her boyfriend, Albero El Patron, who spent […]

total divas

2017 Wrestling Countdown #5: Paige and Eva Marie Total Divas Drama

Total Divas is objectively WWE’s best television show. Not only does it contain more drama per minute than any other program on the company’s roster, but it also treats the actual in-ring action with more respect than WWE’s actual wrestling programs, going out of its way to make it seem like the matches matter and […]

absolution wwe

Hugs and Screams for All! The Absolution Team Is Ready to Rumble

Since returning to RAW, Paige has been on a path of destruction in the women’s roster. On last night’s RAW, Bayley and Mickie James went after Paige and Mandy Rose. Sasha Banks and Sonya Deville were there for moral support. HUGS ALL AROUND! We're set for tag team action on #RAW, and here comes the […]

Free Of Alberto El Patron, Paige Makes Big Impact On Return To WWE Raw

Before last night, it had been a long time since we last Paige in a WWE ring. The former champion has been out with an injury since last Summer, and spent that time on a bizarre odyssey with former fiancee Alberto El Patron which included a public blowup at an Orlando airport and multiple snapchat […]

A Major WWE Superstar Could Return On Tomorrow’s Monday Night Raw

Tomorrow night’s episode of Monday Night Raw could mark a major return for a long-absent WWE Superstar. If you don’t want to know who it is, why did you click on this article? Are you just looking for a reason to complain? Look, we’re gonna put this stop sign here, and if you scroll past […]

Paige and alberto el patron

The Storybook Romance Of Paige And Alberto El Patron Is Officially Over

Great news, ladies! Alberto El Patron is single again! It feels like it was only yesterday that we were reading the romantic stories of Paige and Alberto El Patron defending their love amidst domestic violence allegations levied by Paige’s family in the wake of a public airport altercation between the company that got the Orlando […]

Total Divas Star Paige Preparing For WWE Return

WWE Superstar Paige may not be appearing on the next season of Total Divas, but she does appear to be getting ready for a comeback. Paige was suspended from WWE for violating the company’s wellness policy in 2016, and embarked on a globetrotting adventure with fiancee and former WWE superstar Alberto El Patron, posting videos to social […]