Rumored Details Of A Nintendo Switch Pokémon Game Surfaces

PokéJungle has posted an article listing some rumors of what may be coming in the new Pokémon for the Nintendo Switch. Below is a snippet from the article, which they preference with a giant block of text to let you know this isn’t news and is simply rumor, detailing what one of their reporters tracked down through Chinese sources. While it all sounds really good, that’s a lot of info for something we haven’t even seen a teaser for yet and probably won’t until Jun at E3. So take what you see with a grain of salt.

  • The Chinese localization team has already finished translating the games’ script
  • There will be no new Mega Evolutions introduced in the new games
  • Z-Moves return and now use motion control to activate using the Joy-Cons
  • Central plot revolves around the conflict between tradition and innovation
  • Region inspiration has been rumored to be Spain or Italy
  • Release to come late 2018 (~December) or early 2019

These details pale in comparison to what has also been said though, and that is the games feature a new, simplified battle system which has been compared to that of the Digimon World games. For those not familiar with them they use a real-time battle style in which moves are still selected via menu and include the option to attack or block moves from your opponent. It has also been compared to the battle system of Pokkén Tournament in which moves are either attacks, blocks or grabs and work in a rock-scissors-paper fashion.

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