Marvel Promising Shocking Twist in Death of the Mighty Thor Storyline in Thor #705

Marvel Promising Shocking Twist in Death of the Mighty Thor Storyline in Thor #705

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If you thought you knew how the Death of the Mighty Thor storyline was going to end in Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman’s Mighty Thor comic (presumably with the death of the mighty Thor?), you’ve got another thing coming. A press release from Marvel says that you know nothing, Jon Snow.

“This is it, folks! The big showdown between Thor and Mangog. The penultimate chapter of ‘The Death of the Mighty Thor,’” teases series editor Wil Moss. “Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman have been building to this issue for over three years, and you absolutely do not want to miss this. You may think you know where things are going, but I promise you do not.”

Has Wil Moss ever broken a promise? We can’t think of any time Wil Moss has ever proven that he can’t be taken at his word. Who is Wil Moss again?

A press release for the issue further promises an “epic showdown that’s been years in the making,” calling Mighty Thor #705 “the issue you won’t want to miss, and the beginning of a mind-shattering conclusion that will change the Thor story in explosive ways!”

We’re beginning to get the impression that something important might happen in this issue. You might want to consider picking it up. Remember, you heard that hot tip here at Bleeding Cool first.

Since kicking things off with MIGHTY THOR #700, the Mangog has managed to wreak havoc on Thor’s world, and he’s shown no signs of stopping – even in a saga that has so far managed to include almost every Thor villain. On the heels of the action, MIGHTY THOR #705 will continue to up the ante, leaving the fate of Asgard in jeopardy…along with the fate of Jane Foster, who will make the ultimate heroic sacrifice in a conclusion that will rock the Marvel Universe, and the minds of readers everywhere!

Written by JASON AARON
FOC – 2/26/18, On-Sale – 3/21/18

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