Conan Exiles Will Leave Early Access in May

Conan Exiles got a decent amount of traction when it hit Early Access earlier this year. The survival game had just the right level of weird to make it stand out and for a week or two. That’s not easy to do for an Early Access game. Oh, and it had a slider for genitalia. That helped the social media side of it a whole lot

Well, the game is hurtling towards its final release now and the launch date has been revealed. You will be able to explore and survive in the world of Conan in its 1.0 form on May 8, 2018. This is a simultaneous release date across PC, PlayStation and Xbox One. It will cost $39.99 on PC and $49.99 on console.

I’ve heard bizarre but ultimately interesting things about Conan Exiles. While I, and I imagine other players, may not be ready to hop into the Early Access version of the game, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on its full release.