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Conan Exiles Receives New DLC with Seekers of the Dawn

The developers at Funcom have released a brand new DLC addition to Conan Exiles this week with Seekers of the Dawn. This isn’t a major update, per se, as it doesn’t do much to further anything you can do in the world, it’s more for a cosmetic effect. The pack itself gives you 39 new pieces of […]

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Conan Exiles and Halo Wars 2 are Free to Play This Weekend on Xbox Live

Microsoft has announced that Conan Exiles and Halo Wars 2 are free to play this weekend if you have Xbox Live. There are a lot of games coming out right now as the games industry gets ready for the ever-important holiday season. Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Forza Horizon, Destiny have all had big releases recently […]

Funcom Releases Savage Frontier Update for Conan Exiles

Funcom announced this week they’ll be adding in a new major content update for Conan Exiles called Savage Frontier, which has now been added to the game. The short version to this free update is that you get to train animals, a new dungeon called Midnight Grove, and a new religion allowing players to summon the massive […]

Conan Exiles Receives Some New DLC Content Called “Jewel of the West”

Funcom released a brand new DLC pack today for Conan Exiles that has some intriguing content designed to give players a broader experience. We have a complete set of notes for you below as the DLC will be sold for $10, but you should be aware that none of this will give you an advantage in […]

Conan Exiles Patch May Come to Consoles This Week, PC in August

The crew over at Funcom have been speaking about a grand patch that’s supposed to fix over 500 bugs in Conan Exiles, but we haven’t seen it yet. Yesterday, we got some confirmation that a test was being done on the PC version of the patch, but in a post to their users, the patch […]

Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles: Launched and Ready to Hack, Slash, and Craft

After a long 15 months in early access, Conan Exiles has officially launched. Now you, too, can chop up your enemies, make homes, craft weapons and run around naked (or not) in the world of Robert E. Howard‘s Conan the Barbarian. The Tutorial helps you quickly get a handle on the already fairly intuitive game […]

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Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for May 8-14, 2018

As we start to make our way out of the spring and into the summer, we’re going to see a lot more video game releases from major companies hit console and PC. Like this week, for example, where the next four days are just loaded with awesome titles. Check out the selection of new games […]

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Funcom Releases New Footage of Conan Exiles on PS4

For months we’ve been hearing and seeing various people complain about the way Conan Exiles has looked and played on the PC, so it kind of made us wonder what kind of game we would eventually get from Funcom when the game made its way to console. Today we got a taste of it as […]

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Funcom Pits Conan Against Scandinavian Furniture in New Conan Exiles Ad

Every now and again, a game company has some fun with advertising, and today’s entry in the “who the hell approved this?” column of game trailers is actually a set of three Conan Exiles ads from Funcom. In preparation for the game, which appears to have finally gone gold, the publisher released a series of three […]

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Conan Exiles is Getting a Necessary Combat Overhaul Before Launch

Conan Exiles is launching out of early access in May, which means a ton of new content is coming to the game, with new armor, weapons, a new enemy type, a map room for your castle that allows you to fast travel, a new area to explore, and a new dungeon. The combat system got […]

Conan Exiles Will Leave Early Access in May

Conan Exiles got a decent amount of traction when it hit Early Access earlier this year. The survival game had just the right level of weird to make it stand out and for a week or two. That’s not easy to do for an Early Access game. Oh, and it had a slider for genitalia. […]

Latest ‘Conan: Exiles’ Update: Maybe We’ll Get It Right The 28th Time?

Conan: Exiles has only been out for four months in early access on Steam and already the game is receiving its 27th update. If you do the math, that’s one or two updates per week. The game is already plagued with dozens of bugs, poor servers, connection issues, and the rampant destruction by other players […]

Crom Is Unforgiving: Let’s Player Wars In ‘Conan: Exiles’

There’s a lot of games online where people fight over remaining resources. Stuff gets destroyed, treasures lost or left behind, remnants of dreams players truly wanted to accomplish that were crushed and now someone comes along to pick the bones. The world of Conan: Exiles is no different as the game is pretty clear that […]

Funcom Reveals When You Can See ‘Conan: Exiles’ Nudity On Console

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the PC version of Conan: Exiles, it’s that you can make your genitalia whatever size you want. Above anything else in the gameplay, that’s what’s been highlighted the most when it comes to news of the games and streams you see online. Now you can bring all the […]