Fantasy Strike Will Come to PS4 for All You Super Street Fighter 2 Fans

David Sirlin and Sirlin Games announced at PSX that their highly stylized fighter Fantasy Strike would also be making the jump to PS4 by trotting out a fantastic-looking gameplay trailer.

Credit// Sirlin Games

Sirlin is no stranger to fighter games, having worked on Super Street Fighter 2: HD Remix, but this time we get to experience Sirlin’s work in character creation as well as their mastery of fighting game mechanics. It is also worth noting that Sirlin has been attempting to make Fantasy Strike more accessible throughout the game’s Early Access time, with new features designed to help players who aren’t well versed in fighting games.

As someone who frequently has to double check combo lists in fighter games, I’m a little bit enthusiastic for a fighting game that isn’t quite so in-depth. It is much harder to flip back and forth between option menu combo lists than it is to use the actual paper game guides. You know, from the old days where games came with paper manuals? Oh, I was the only one who read those? Well then.

In any case, Fantasy Strike is aiming at the PS4 now to start tackling the console market, and it could very well help out the flagging genre by pumping it full of new blood.

Fantasy Strike’s PSX gameplay trailer is below.

Fantasy Strike is a deceptively simple fighting game from David Sirlin, the lead designer of Super Street Fighter 2: HD Remix. Play as a ninja, dragon, painter or panda in this easy-to-learn, but difficult to master fighting game built for both beginners and veterans of the genre.

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