Clonepool Comes to Spider-Man/Deadpool in 2018

So here’s the word, courtesy of an upcoming listing for the Marvel Comics series Spider-Man/Deadpool.

While Spider-Man has been plagued by Deadpool, they’ve both been plagued by Deadpool doppelgangers. The twin tales of young Peter and Wade investigating Faux-pool and Old Man Parker and Wilson finally merge! ClonePool: Who is he? What is he? Where did he come from? And do two grumpy old heroes stand a chance of righting wrongs committed by their younger selves when also faced with dozens of Doppel-pools?

We’ve had evil Deadpool clones before now, courtesy of the limbs that keep getting lopped off Deadpool. But this looks like something brand new… ish. Look for this to kick off with Spider-Man/Deadpool #29 in March by Robbie Thompson and Chris Bachalo.

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