Marvel Announces Lockjaw Miniseries From Daniel Kibblesmith And Carlos Villa For February

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In a move that definitively says, “we know you refuse to accept the Inhumans as a replacement for the X-Men and also you all hate that TV show and hated it even more as a movie, but who can say no to a cute puppy?”, Marvel has announced that they will publish a four-issue Lockjaw miniseries in February. Daniel Kibbles & Bits — ah, our bad, Daniel Kibblesmith — will write, with Carlos Villa on art.

Here’s what the press release has to say about this one:

When Lockjaw finds out his long-lost siblings are in danger, he’ll embark on a journey which will result in a teleporting, mind-bending adventure. “We’re super excited about this book. Daniel Kibblesmith—a hilarious writer who works on The Late Show and recently published a book called Santa’s Husband—has cooked up an incredibly fun, heart-filled romp around the Marvel Universe,” said series editor Wil Moss. “Back in BLACK BOLT #5, writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Frazer Irving finally settled the mystery of Lockjaw’s origin: He’s definitely a dog, birthed by a dog, who happens to have the power of teleportation. But now we’re going even further: How did Lockjaw obtain that power? And is he really the only Inhuman dog in the universe? So in issue #1, we find out that Lockjaw’s got brothers and sisters. From there, we’ll be following everybody’s best friend around the universe as he tracks down his siblings—along with a surprising companion, D-Man! It’s gonna be a fantastic ride, all beautifully illustrated by up-and-comer Carlos Villa! So grab on to the leash and come with!”

Look for this in stores in February.

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