Darkness Visible: IDWE Developing Supernatural Comic For TV

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If IDW Entertainment (IDWE) has its way, Darkness will be descending upon our screens sooner rather than later. Less than a year after it was first published, Mike Carey (The Girl with All the Gifts), Brendan Cahill (The Harcourt Legacy), Joana Lafuente and Arvind Ethan David‘s (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency) hit supernatural comic miniseries Darkness Visible is being adapted for television. IDWE is set to develop, finance and produce the series; with David and Carey also serving as executive producers.

“All of us at IDW are eager to enter into this amazing creative partnership that brings like-minded creatives together on an amazingly inventive project that really challenges all of our collective talents. When you have the best in the business pushing others who are equally talented and imaginative, the expected results are going to be mind-blowing.”

– David Ozer, IDWE President

Originally published by IDW Publishing in February 2017, the series announcement coincides with the release of the trade paperback collection:

When the demons came, humanity reluctantly learned to share the world with another sentient race. Eighty years later, this uneasy co-existence has spawned an endless terrorist conflict. Detective Daniel Aston, charged with being the thin blue line between the two sides, is tested to the limit when a demon sets up house inside his soul. But to save his daughter, he’ll pay any price—including genocide.

darkness visible idw tv series

David and Carey will be sharing executive producer responsibilities with Cavan Ash (Tormented), Intrepid Pictures’ Trevor Macy (Gerald’s Game) and IDWE’s (Locke & Key) CEO Ted Adams and President David Ozer. For both creators, the opportunity to bring Darkness Visible from the page to the screen is one they’re incredibly thankful for:

“I am delighted to be working again with my friends at IDW. Daniel Aston is a very different sort of detective from Dirk Gently but they have in common: being deeply British, an abiding suspicion of supernatural forces beyond their control, and an unconventional approach to investigation. To have a producer of Trevor Macy’s acuity and track-record on board and to be co-writing with Mike Carey, a comic-book legend and an old-school gentleman, make this a very special team working on a very special project.”

– Arvind Ethan David

“Darkness Visible was an opportunity to create a supernatural thriller with a razor-sharp political edge, and it’s only become more topical since Arvind and I first dreamed it up. Now, working with professionals who know and care about story, I’m very excited to bring Darkness Visible to the screen and look forward to working with IDW, Intrepid Pictures and my good friends at Ideate Media.”

– Mike Carey

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