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Five Thoughts, One Bon Mot: The First Collection Of The Highest House.

Five Thoughts, One Bon Mot: The First Collection Of The Highest House.

One of Vertigo's longest running teams, Mike Carey and Peter Gross (Lucifer, The Unwritten), announced The Highest House at a French publisher Glénat to relatively little fanfare. IDW debuted an English language edition in 2018 to less excitement than a Transformers spinoff. Which is crazy, so in no particular order, here's five thoughts about the […]

Highest House #6 cover by Yuko Shimizu

Highest House #6 Review: New Highs and Lows for Young Moth

Moth has joined Lord Demini Aldercrest, Sieur Extat, and their retinue into the forests which surround his home village. Aldercrest sends Moth out disguised as a woodsman in the hope of discovering the mysterious mill where Scrips, a new kind of paper currency that has begun to replace gold and Aldercrest house-marked steel. Along the […]

Dynamite is Having a Big Red Sonja Digital Comic Sale

Dynamite Entertainment has a big sale going on focused on Red Sonja, featuring digital collections and issues from their 13-year run publishing the She-Devil with a Sword. There are 365 titles to choose from featuring the works of Michael Avon Oeming, Mel Rubi, Gail Simone, Walter Geovani, Mike Carey, Margueite Bennett, Aneke, Victor Gischler, Roberto […]

Highest House #4 cover by Yuko Shimizu

The Highest House #4 Review: A Game of Houses

Moth is reeling from his discovery about Lady Shurubai and her servant, Lace. As part of a deal for his silence, Shurubai agrees to teach Moth how to read. Meanwhile, the lords of Highest House prepare to receive an envoy of other noble houses from across the land. However, among those other houses are conspirators […]

Writer's Commentary: Mike Carey Talks Barbarella #6

Dynamite has sent us a new writer's commentary from Mike Carey on Barbarella #6. The issues has covers by Dave McCaig and Brent Schoonover with interiors by Kenan Yarar. Page 1: So here we are in the middle of our second arc. Barbarella and Vix, along with the mathematician Vossamin, have dived through what turns out to […]

Highest House #3 cover by Yuko Shimizu

Highest House #3 Review: My Elder God Won't Let Me Get a Girlfriend

The Aldercrest family returns to Highest House, and this complicates Moth's partnership with Obsidian. Moth is growing more defiant towards the voice and his superiors. Plus, he grows a crush on Lord Aldercrest's daughter. Circumstances conspire so that Moth is appointed to be Lord Aldercrest's assistant, making his rebellious tendencies all the more dangerous to […]

Mike Carey barbarella #4

Writer's Commentary: Mike Carey Talks Barbarella #4

Dynamite has sent us a writer's commentary from Mike Carey where he talks about Barbarella #4. The issue had covers by Stephane Roux and Vincent Aseo with interiors by Jorge Fornes. We wanted to alternate longer story arcs with done-in-one issues, which we felt would allow us to expand the scope of Barbarella's universe. It would also give […]

Highest House #1 cover by Yuko Shimizu

Highest House #1 Review: Secrets of the Kingdom and Tiles Used for Roofing

A magister passes through a small village in search of slave workers for the monarchy's castle, the Highest House. Among his human purchases, the magister takes special interest in a young boy named Moth. During the travel back to Highest House, the caravan is attacked by bandits, which the mysterious magister brutally dispatches. Later in […]

Writer's Commentary: Mike Carey Talks Barbarella #2

Dynamite has sent us a writer's commentary for the new issue of Barbarella #2 that hits stands today. Writer Mike Carey goes through a page-by-page breakdown of the new issue that has art by Kenan Yarar and covers by Marcos Martin and Paul Pope. Page 1: The title of the issue, "Fall From Grace," was really […]

Writer's Commentary: Mike Carey on the Important Messages in Barbarella #1

Dynamite has sent us a new writer's commentary for their brand new Barbarella series. Mike Carey goes page by page through the first issue. Here we also see covers by Kenneth Rocafort, Joe Jusko, and Joseph Michael Linsner with interior art by Kenan Yarar. Page 1: We had a lot of ground to cover in this […]

Barbarella #1 review

Barbarella #1 Review: Science-Fiction Fun with an Important Message

For many people, when they think of Barbarella they picture Jane Fonda in a skimpy, '60s-style outfit holding a ray gun. But when the character was first created for comics in 1962 by Jean-Claude Forest, it caused quite a scandal as it was one of the first adult, pornographic comics in Europe. The character quickly […]

Darkness Visible: IDWE Developing Supernatural Comic For TV

If IDW Entertainment (IDWE) has its way, Darkness will be descending upon our screens sooner rather than later. Less than a year after it was first published, Mike Carey (The Girl with All the Gifts), Brendan Cahill (The Harcourt Legacy), Joana Lafuente and Arvind Ethan David's (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency) hit supernatural comic miniseries Darkness Visible is being adapted […]

Kenan Yarar Joins Mike Carey On New Barbarella For Dynamite

One of the most iconic sci-fi heroines of all times has to be Barbarella, and as the character turns 55, she will be getting a new series for the first time in 35 years. Dynamite has tapped writer Mike Carey (X-Men, Lucifer) and Turkish artist Kenan Yarar (Hilal) to work with consulting editor and longtime […]

Is Fox's X-Men Show Using Age of X As Source Material?

Since writing a post covering some character confirmations in Fox's Matt Nix penned new X-Men TV show, under the working title of Gifted, I have been building a bit of an idea. Most X-Men films have loosely based themselves, or taken inspiration, or thematic ideas, from the comics story arcs as a source. X2 has […]

The New Girl With All The Gifts Trailer Looks Tremendous

A new trailer for the upcoming The Girl with All the Gifts has been released and it looks tremendous. Based on the novel by Lucifer writer Mike Carey (as M.R. Carey), the film focuses on one partially zombified girl who may be the key to solving the plague which turned most of humanity into mindless […]

Mike Carey Signing Fellside In Birmingham April 9th

By Olly MacNamee In conjunction with the Birmingham Comics Festival, New York bestselling graphic novelist Mike Carey (X-Men, Lucifer) comes to Birmingham's branch of Waterstones on Saturday 9th April for an exclusive signing of his latest novel, Fellside. It's described as: Fellside has been described as a thriller set in a maximum security prison on […]

The Comic Book Background Of Lucifer

With the Fox television series set to debut on Monday, DC Comics has put together this video primer showing us the comic book history of Lucifer from his debut in Sandman #4 to his appearances in Batman and The Spectre and then finally his own Vertigo series by Mike Carey. Narrated by Tiffany A. Smith, […]

Lucifer Burns In New Poster Image

TVLine has the first look at a new poster image for the upcoming TV series, Lucifer. Based on the Vertigo comic book by Mike Carey, Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly and Dean Ormston, the series stars Tom Ellis as a retired Lord of Hell entertaining himself by assisting the Los Angeles Police Department. Lesley-Ann Brandt, Lauren […]