Man Dressed As Pikachu Caught By Secret Service After Hopping Barrier At White House

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And no, it wasn’t Sean Spicer! 36-year-old Curtis Combs of Kentucky was caught after jumping a fence and attempting to invade the White House while dressed as the Pokémon character Pikachu, reports CNN.

Combs was unarmed and nobody was harmed in the incident. Combs said that he jumped the fence to get famous after researching legal penalties for previous fence-jumpers and determining that it was worth the price. Combs ignored multiple warnings from police as he blatantly carried out his plan, rather than simply trying to slip in the front gate while innocently strolling through and chirping, “PIKA-PIKA!”

Thankfully, once inside, Combs was easily apprehended. If he had gotten away, investigators would have needed to spend hours searching the grounds using the Pokémon Go! app on their smartphones.

The Pikachu attacker may been stopped, but are there more Pokémon-themed infiltration attempts on the way? Mewtwo? Psyduck? Bulbasaur? Will Jigglypuff put the entire White House to sleep?! This time, Curtis Combs looked at his costume options and said, “Pikachu: I choose you.” But next time, we might not be so lucky.

It’s clear there’s only one thing left for the Secret Service to do: catch ’em all.

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