Little Shop Of Horrors Returns To Theaters For 2 Nights Only This Halloween, But What’s Trump Got To Do With It?

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Little Shop Of Horrors is coming back to theaters for two nights, on October 29 and October 31, thanks to Fathom Events. And to sweeten the deal, the movie will screen with its original, darker ending, in which…

new guardian

…the plant eats Seymour and Audrey. The ending was changed when test audiences didn’t react well, but now it’s back, for the first time in theaters. In an interview with Yahoo Movies, director Frank Oz says that the ending “may still be too dark for people, and I accept that. It may not be as satisfying emotionally, and I accept that. But on the other hand, the reason Howard and I wanted it was that it is the Faustian legend. Seymour does have consequences for his actions. We needed to omit those consequences to keep the audience happy, which I agreed with, by the way. I think we had to do it. But now it will be very interesting to see.”

Oz also thinks the ending could have new meaning thanks to President Donald Trump. “It will be very interesting to see if, in this new political and cultural climate, if there will be any association with that, with the plant,” Oz said. “Let’s just say that.”

You know what? We can kind of see what he’s talking about.

Read the Yahoo interview here, and head to Fathom Events’ website to see if this is playing in a theater near you.


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