We Tried To Win An Xbox One X At NYCC Because We Couldn’t Get One To Review

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Doritos and Mountain Dew have a contest running to allow you to collect points and bid on a group of Xbox One X consoles. And Doritos trucked out a ton of snack bags to the New York Comic Con’s press room, for some unholy reason. And because Bleeding Cool isn’t exactly the highest on Microsoft’s list for review units of their new console, I decided to make an editorial decision. It then became my tertiary goal for the con to get the entire BC NYCC team to consume as many Doritos as possible so we could try and get a free Xbox One X. You know, like a dedicated games reporter.

This project became somewhat infamous inside the press room at the Jacob J. Javits Center, to the point where other members of the press were passing us their empty Doritos bags to take the codes from.

As of tonight, we logged 1900 total points, which equals out to 19 bags of Doritos (one snack size bag was 100 points).

And while the auction doesn’t go live until November 6th, just before the console’s official launch.

But that was our group NYCC project – to eat as many Doritos as possible so that we could win Gavin Sheehan an Xbox. Since he currently doesn’t have one and we’re a pretty poor group of people. However, we are all now completely disgusted by the taste of nacho cheese flavored Doritos.

So I guess now we need to go find a ton of Mountain Dew to shotgun and hope we don’t all end up  dying of scurvy.

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