Spider-Man And X-Men Crossover ‘Poison X’ Coming In 2018 From Marvel

Lots of Spider-Man and X-Men stories coming out of New York Comic Con. First, the original X-Men return in X-Men Gold Annual #1 by Leah Williams and Marc Guggenheim in January, with an Alan Davis cover.

Flash Thompson will have a huge role in Venom Inc. Here are some Stegman interiors…

Amazing Spidey Annual #42 will tie into Legacy issues of Amazing Spider-Man big time. Spider-Man is hated, and he is the menace. Classic annual size. Peter Parker is back at the Daily Bugle. New take in the classic feel. Art by Corey Smith. Mayor Fisk shows up, as well

But the big Spider-Man and X-Men news is Poison X. A huge crossover between Venom and X-Men: Blue, the original time-displaced young X-Men. It will begin in the X-Men: Blue Annual. And the whole of the rest of the crossover will ship in February as the X-Men kidnap Venom.

This is all coming out of Marvel’s adjunct to Diamond’s Retailer Breakfast ahead of New York Comic Con, happening today. You can catch up with any other Retailer Breakfast announcements here.

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