Having Conquered Comics, Cullen Bunn Sets Sights On Television

In a relatively short time, superstar writer Cullen Bunn has risen from the indie darling creator of The Sixth Gun at Oni Press to the writer of, at last count, 82 current ongoing series across Marvel, DC, and pretty much every other publisher. Bunn's prolific output is unmatched in comics, and some might say he's accomplished everything there is to accomplish in the industry. His dominance was recently cemented when Diamond released their August sales charts, revealing that more than 37% of the current industry market share belongs to Bunn.

August Comics Marketshare

So it's no surprise that the ruthless Bunn is looking for other entertainment industries to conquer. Next on his list, it seems, is TV. Bunn tweeted this weekend:

Bunn hasn't revealed any further details on the pitch, but if it's picked up, it will likely be just a few short years before Bunn is writing half the shows on television, fulfilling a quest for revenge that began when NBC passed on the Sixth Gun pilot back in 2013.

Of course, once he's conquered television, Cullen Bunn is unlikely to be happy and stop there. Will he move on to movies after that? Pro wrestling? Politics?

Bunn hasn't denied a 2020 run, and it would be foolish to rule it out.

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