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Margaret Stohl's "The Amazing Ordinary", From AWA Comics

Cullen Bunn and Nelson Blake II’s “Byte Sized” Coming From AWA Comics

AWA or Artists, Writers & Artisans Inc is a new comic book publisher from former Marvel publisher Bill Jemas and former EIC Axel Alonso that Bleeding Cool has been reporting on since long before anyone would officially admit that it existed. You can catch up on all our AWA coverage with this handy tag. It […]

Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook Return to Harrow County, Join the Death's Choir

Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook Return to Harrow County, Join the Death’s Choir

Superstar series creators Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook are returning to Dark Horse Comics for more Harrow County stories, and they’re bringing series newcomer artist Naomi Franquiz with them. In a new four-issue series set during World War II, this creative team tells the story of a ghost choir that causes the dead to rise. […]

Valiant to Cut the Cord With New Roku Series by Bunn and Bachs

Valiant to Cut the Cord With New Roku Series by Bunn and Bachs

Valiant Entertainment has revealed the subject of a recent teaser: a new comic book series about the cord-cutting platform, Roku. The publisher announced the move in a press release Thursday, with the series set to hit stores in October from the creative team of Cullen Bunn and Ramón F. Bachs. It’s unclear why Valiant would […]

Thank FOC It's Friday, 5th July 2019 - Two Launches from Cullen Bunn

Thank FOC It’s Friday, 5th July 2019 – Two Launches from Cullen Bunn

Welcome to Thank FOC It’s Friday, a semi-weekly mailing list, similar to The Daily LITG, but (mostly) every Friday and planned to coincide and cover the demands of Final Order Cut Off. The date when retailers have a last chance to amend their advance orders for comic books without penalty. A final chance for publishers […]

Cullen Bunn's Video Store Horror Anthology, Graveyard Slaughter, Hits Kickstarter

Cullen Bunn’s Video Store Horror Anthology, Graveyard Slaughter, Hits Kickstarter

Superstar comic book writer Cullen Bunn has yet another project coming out soon, this one from Lunchbox Press. Bunn will team with writer Kevin Watkins and artists Javier Saltares, Blacky Shepherd, Gary Bedell, and Adam McLaughlin along with letterer Troy Peteri for a new anthology comic book magazine called Graveyard Slaughter. The concept: comics evoking […]

Cullen Bunn Gets Symbiotic Again with Web of Venom: Funeral Pyre

Cullen Bunn Gets Symbiotic Again with Web of Venom: Funeral Pyre

Cullen Bunn just can’t seem to quit symbiotes. Or maybe it’s that symbiotes can’t quit Cullen Bunn. It would certainly explain how he writes so many comics at one time if his body were augmented by a super-powered alien. In any case, Bunn is returning to the world of Venom once more in the leadup […]

Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, & Tyler Black Launch Black Manor at Dark Horse in July

Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, & Tyler Crook Launch Manor Black at Dark Horse in July

Dark Horse Comics has announced a new mini-series from the superstar creative team of Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Tyler Crook. Called Manor Black, the series combines humor and horror, at least according to actor and comedian Patton Oswalt, who is for some reason involved in this press release. The comic comes lubed with soap, […]

Valiant Smashes the System With Line Art Preview of Punk Mambo #1

In April 2019, Valiant Entertainment will become the latest comic book publisher to mine the long-dead subculture of punk rock for the five-issue limited series, Punk Mambo, by the hardcore punk creative team of… *checks notes* Cullen Bunn and Adam Gorham. Today, Valiant unveiled the first look at Gorham’s uncolored line art for the book […]

Super Clean: CW, GLOW EP Sascha Rothchild Adapting Superhero Clean-Up Comic

As every-day citizens and mere mortals, we spend our days marvelling at those in capes and spandex who patrol our cities, put down the “big-bads,” and allow us peacefully sleep at night? But what happens after the fights are over? Once the dust (and large chunks of concrete) has settled, who’s there to clean up […]

First Look at Cullen Bunn and Jesús Hervás’ Empty Man #2

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has unveiled a first look at Cullen Bunn and Jesús Hervás‘ The Empty Man #2, due to hit stores next month. Following up on the original Empty Man series by Bunn and Vanesa Del Rey, the new book, which Bunn has a secret name for… I've been calling the new series THE […]

Cullen Bunn and Laura Braga Scare the Archie Universe with Blossoms 666 in 2019

Announced at New York Comic Con today, world-renowned hero and possessor of the Order of Cyclops Medal of Valor Cullen Bunn and artist Laura Braga are the creative team of a new book in the Archie Horror universe launching in 2019. Blossoms 666 reimagines Archie’s Blossoms twins, Cheryl and Jason, and since we’ve already done vampires […]

Cyclops Was Right and Cullen Bunn is a Hero Who Knows It [X-ual Healing 9-26-18]

There’s not many things in the comics industry from the past decade that bother us more than what Marvel has done to our beloved Cyclops. First, disrespected by that no-good Wolverine in the X-Men Schism, lectured for putting children in danger to save mutantkind despite Wolverine’s own predilection for literally murdering his own children, not […]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics of August 29th, 2018: X-Men Soars, Nightwing Trips

We’ve come to the end of another week. The Hunt for Wolverine reached its Dead Ends, Rick and Morty fought D&D, and Nightwing, Daredevil, Batgirl, and Red Hood and the Outlaws all had annuals. What were the best and worst of the week? I dunno, I haven’t decided yet. Read it below to find out. Wins 1. X-Men: Blue #34 The House always […]

Cullen Bunn Says Goodbye to the X-Men

With X-Men Blue ending with issue #36 and the Extermination X-over event already begin, things are looking grim for the time-displaced original X-Men. Sadly, it’s not just the teen X-Men we’ll be saying goodbye to. Genetically-engineered super-writer Cullen Bunn took to Twitter this week to say goodbye to the X-Men franchise as a whole, as […]

Bone Parish #2 cover by Lee Garbett

Bone Parish #2 Review: Monotonous and Slow

The police find Dante OD’d on the Ash, and a detective named Mayhew gives warning to Grace. Brae doesn’t believe his mother should be running the business, but Grace holds firm. Leon and Brigitte have an uncomfortable meet-up while Brigitte is making Ash. Lamont from New York meets up with Grace again. Bone Parish #2 […]