New Thor: Ragnarok IMAX Exclusive Poster Shows Off Photoshop's Ink Outlines Filter

Fans of Marvel Studios and Photoshop's filter gallery are in for a treat if they see Thor: Ragnarok in IMAX on opening night.

IMAX has revealed the details of its theater giveaways for moviegoers who see Thor: Ragnarok in IMAX theaters on October 24th (UK) or November 3rd (US). For those seeing the movie in IMAX, they'll get to bring home an EXCLUSIVE collectible ticket. While supplies last, of course:


But the real treat comes for those who see the movie on opening night in select IMAX theaters. They'll be able to get their hands on an EXCLUSIVE poster for the movie that shows off not only the film's colorful style, but also some intern's skilled use of Photoshop's "ink outlines" filter.

"They tell me, Vlad, spend no more than five minutes prepping this artwork," said IMAX intern and definitely real person Vlad Kozinkerov of his work. "So that is what I do."

Kozinkerov explained that he chose the ink outlines filter because of its ability to transform an image in a matter of seconds from a regular piece of artwork to a piece of artwork that looks like someone has applied a filter to it. "It is still better than the special effects on Inhumans," Kozinkerov told us, a fact that would be hard to argue with. He demonstrated with another Thor: Ragnarok poster:

A regular Thor: Ragnarok poster with no filter.


A Thor: Ragnarok poster with the Ink Outlines filter applied

Here's a list of the theaters where fans can snag a copy of the poster:

Amstar Cinemas, B&B Theatres, Brenden Theatres, Celebration Cinema, Cinemagic, Cinemark Theatres, Cineplex, Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas, Cobb Theatres, Frank Theatres, Galaxy Theatres, Goodrich Quality Theatres, Grand Theatre, Cinémas Guzzo, Harkins Theatres, Landmark Cinemas Canada, Marcus Theatres, Megaplex Theatres, NCG Cinema, Paragon Theaters, Penn Cinema, Premiere Cinema, RC Theatres, Reading Cinemas, Royal Cinemas, Santikos Entertainment, Showcase Cinemas, Showplace Cinemas, Southeast Cinemas, The Grand Theatres, Warren Theatres

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on October 24th (UK)/November 3rd (US). If you're not able to make it to one of the theaters above and grab some free schwag, you could always try to steal one of the move posters off the wall as a keepsake. Not that Bleeding Cool would ever condone something like that.

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