After Marvel Legacy, What Is Marvel’s Next Big Thing? And Is Pepe Larraz Drawing It?

A month ago, Bleeding Cool reported a number of aspects about Marvel Legacy that proved to be true, such as the renumbering and how the Generations books would spin out of Secret Empire but would stand as perennial one shots. But we also stated that Marvel Legacy wasn’t the destination, but the journey; that it would be a stopgap ahead of the big relaunch in 2018. That is when we would get Ta-Nehisi Coates on Black Panther, Nick Spencer on Amazing Spider-Man, Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic on Avengers

Today I got a little more backup, describing Marvel Legacy as just a temporary bridge between Secret Empire and The Next Big Thing — whatever that is.

And as for artists that move the needle, one who Bleeding Cool have tapped for greatness, Pepe Larraz drawing a maxi-series that will open the gates for this Next Big Thing, with big names returning to Marvel in the main series, with more creative freedom and an event-less and crossover-less new status quo for at least one year…

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