You’d Have Gotten An Exiles #125 With Marvel Legacy If It Wasn’t for Those Pesky Kids

Will it be Power Pack #63 or will it be Exiles #125 for the Marvel Legacy one-shots? On Friday, Bleeding Cool was the first to show off the Marvel Legacy one-shots, bringing back cancelled series for one last issue.

Newsarama pretended not to see that article, but instead retro-engineered the story and posted the art sourced directly from Marvel Comics, as if it were the first time anyone outside of that retailer meeting had seen them. Not uncommon.

But the Marvel Books catalogue that we’ve been reading all day and discovering all sorts of useful things lists¬†DARKHAWK 51, DAZZLER 43, EXILES 125, MASTER OF KUNG-FU 126, NOT BRAND ECHH 14, SILVER SABLE AND THE WILD PACK 36.

That’s Exiles #125 not Power Pack #63. The Marvel slides are the most recently created and therefore the most likely to be accurate. But why dump Exiles #125?

Could it be that Blink is now part of the Cable Book for Marvel Legacy? Could be…



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