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And Now a New Power Pack Series, From Ryan North and Nico Leon

And Now a New Power Pack Mini-Series, From Ryan North and Nico Leon

Following the news this afternoon that Eve Ewing and Simone Di Meo will relaunch Champions following Marvel’s Outlawed one-shot, the House of Ideas has now announced a new Power Pack mini-series to be written by Ryan North with art by Nico Leon, also spinning out of that event. This time, Marvel chose to reveal the […]

Louise Simonson and June Brigman Bring Back Power Pack in August

Louise Simonson and June Brigman Bring Back Power Pack in August

In news more exciting than the Hickman X-Men relaunch, Power Pack is returning with its original creators for an all-new adventure in August, as June Brigman and Louise Simonson reunite for Power Pack: Grow Up! #1. Additionally, Simonson and Gurihiru will contribute a short story to the book, both set in the time period of […]

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Julie Power Joins the Runaways in April

Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka‘s Runaways is getting a new cast member in April, at least for one issue. Runaways #8 reveals that Julie Power will be joining the book. Fans of LGBTQ representation at Marvel should be pleased to learn that the relationship between Power and Karolina Dean, which began all the way back […]

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Devin Grayson Is Writing ‘Power Pack’ With Marika Cresta At Marvel In November

Marvel has released the first of what’s sure to be many sneak peeks at their November solicitations, in hopes that artificially dragging out the reveal of what comics they’ll be publishing that month will make it seem more interesting — even though that totally backfired with the industry-changing October solicit revelations. Included in the solicit […]

Spider-Man and Power Pack

Jim Salicrup, On When Spider-Man Fought Pedophiles

Watching the coverage of the latest NCAA pedophilia scandal, this time at Syracuse, while working on some Spider-Man back issue prices had me thinking about the time that Spider-Man took on the issue of child abuse. That comic was Spider-Man and Power Pack, with Jim Salicrup and Jim Mooney handling Spider-Man and Louise Simonson and […]

Batman And The Case Of The Mysterious Ghostly Power Pack

This is a copy of the Batman And Robin collection from DC Comics, bought by my Watchmensch collaborator Simon Rohrmuller, back and front. But there’s something strange about it. You probably can’t see, but if you turn up the contrast on the scanner… That’s the cover to the Classic Power Pack trade from Marvel, someone […]