Marvel Comics Trademarks ‘Costoberfest’

In 2011, Marvel Comics decided to rename October as Costoberfest, to celebrate and show off Marvel Comics cosplay in the run up, and throughout, the New York Comic-Con. It may be an awkward title but it works. And every year since, their social media has run a similar event. But could Marvel be about to up their game for 2017 ahead of the Seventh annual Costoberfest?

I only ask because Marvel Comics are trademarking “Costoberfest” for “entertainment services in the form of an online gallery of photos and social media postings related to cosplay of comic book, film and TV characters.”

Could it be that some are using it generically and Marvel want claim to the term they coined? Or are they planning to use it as a more official title for a service?

Either way, cosplayers who use the term for non-Marvel characters, watch out!

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