Sega Breaks Up With Archie Comics Over Twitter, Wants To See Other Companies

Posted by July 19, 2017 Comment

Sega announced on Twitter today that they have ended their publishing partnership program with Archie Comics.


The two companies have been pursuing relationship counseling while trying to reach a new deal for months now, but it looks like they couldn’t work things out:

The Twitter diss comes months after Archie changed its relationship status on Facebook to “it’s complicated,” when Bleeding Cool reported that Archie had canceled their line of Sonic the Hedgehog comics and ditched Sonic on Free Comic Book Day.

The Sonic the Hedgehog publishing license relationship has gone through rocky times over the years. Archie settled a lawsuit in 2013 with Ken Panders, who created characters for the Sonic comics, and were sued again in 2016 by another Sonic comic creator, Scott Fulop.

Still, it’s probably best for Sega and Archie to remember the good times and put the bad behind them, as they both move on to lucrative licensing partnerships with other companies. We hope they are both able to find publishing happiness.

(Last Updated July 19, 2017 8:04 pm )