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Sonic Goes for the Goal with New Exclusive First 4 Figures Statue

Sonic the Hedgehog is back in action with his new movie getting all sorts of hype. With some new film adjustments, the Sonic community has pulled in their efforts and let their voices be heard. The new film finally has a protagonist that looks quite accurately to the blue hedgehog we all know and love. […]

Second "Sonic" Trailer Displays New Designs and More Content

Studio Behind Live Action Sonic Redesign Shutters Its Doors

Movie Picture Company (MPC), the animation studio behind the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog character redesign, closed its Vancouver location on December 11. In a company email obtained by CBC News, the film animation and visual effects studio cited “Increasing external market pressures” in Vancouver as well as more attractive opportunities in other locations. The Vancouver […]

Check Out SEGA's Holiday Webshort With Chao & Sonic

Check Out SEGA’s Holiday Webshort With Chao & Sonic

SEGA is getting into the holiday spirit themselves as they released a brand new webshort this week featuring Sonic The Hedgehog and Chao. It’s a cute little cartoon that will give you ’90s cartoon throwback vibes, and maybe put a smile on your face. Enjoy the video! Attention, Sonic fans! Get ready for an interstellar […]

Second "Sonic" Trailer Displays New Designs and More Content

“Sonic” Redesigned Cost Far Less Than Rumored $35 Million

Following the summer trailer release of the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog, online backlash forced a character redesign. Paramount released their latest trailer with the changes. An initial report on Twitter suggested an estimated redesign cost of $35 million. A source close to the production told Indiewire the cost was far lower to $5 million. Back […]

Second "Sonic" Trailer Displays New Designs and More Content

The Man Who Redesigned Sonic Was “Honored” To Be Brought In

When the first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog came out back in April the response was…not great. Actually, the response was one of the loudest initial backlashes we’ve seen in a long time. There is no pleasing fans but this time it seemed like Paramount Pictures had managed to piss off everyone regarding this movie. Usually, […]

Second "Sonic" Trailer Displays New Designs and More Content

Second “Sonic” Trailer Displays New Designs and More Content

If you’ve heard of the upcoming film Sonic the Hedgehog (and let’s face it, it’s unlikely you haven’t heard about it) then you know it wasn’t exactly a film fans were eager for. After a tainted first impression about the blue hedgehog being brought to life, the film was said to undergo changes in design […]

Get Your Gross, Weird “Sonic The Hedgehog” Movie Costume Now

Like what you saw when the live-action/animation hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog movie was announced? You’re in luck. Walmart is serving up some piping-hot Sonic the Hedgehog costumes that look absolutely horrendous. The costume looks just like the Sonic that was passed off as “final” in the original movie trailer. Surprise! You can buy it now […]

"Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020" Adds Dream Events

“Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” Adds Dream Events

SEGA revealed this week that they will be adding in some new dream events to their upcoming game Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The three events will be Dream Shooting, Dream Karate, and Dream Racing. Essentially, these are imaginary games that they would hope to have in the Olympics someday if […]

SEGA Reveals "Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020" For Mobile

SEGA Reveals “Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” For Mobile

While SEGA and Nintendo may be doing an Olympics title for console, SEGA will be bringing Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 to mobile. If you’re thinking you’re just getting a SEGA version of the console game, think again. This is a different take on the title with games meant to be played in […]

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Sonic The Hedgehog To Appear On “OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes”

Cartoon Network announced this week that Sonic The Hedgehog will be making an appearance on the show OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. There’s not a lot to this, as far as the description from the network goes, as they simply say, “In the episode titled, “Let’s Meet Sonic,” the iconic hedgehog visits the plaza, teaming […]

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“Sonic” Producer Has Seen New Sonic, 100% Less Horrifying

After seeing the trailer for the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie, I joined a lot of you in voicing my terror at the character’s, shall we say, more anthropomorphic design elements. The movie version of Sonic the Hedgehog retained a few elements of the classic video game character— but those elements that were off were […]

We’re Giving Away PS4 Codes For “Team Sonic Racing”

Would you like a chance to win a copy of Team Sonic Racing for the PlayStation 4? All you need is a Twitter account to do so. SEGA was kind enough to provide us some codes to give out, but we only have a small quantity. In order to get one of these codes, it […]

What's More Unnerving, Square Enix's Avengers or Paramount's Sonic the Hedgehog?

Square Enix’s Avengers Meet Sonic the Hedgehog in Horrifying Mash-up Trailer

Yesterday, we finally got to see what Square Enix was up to with that Avengers game they’ve been working on for all this time. And what they’ve been working on, apparently, is a visual reproduction of an Avengers: Endgame porn parody for their character models. But Square Enix’s Avengers aren’t the only CGI-characters horrifying viewers […]

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‘Sonic The Hedgehog’: Check Out First Official Trailer, Poster Here

Paramount has fired the starting pistol on the first official trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog, Neal H. Moritz‘s feature film adaptation of the popular Sega video game character (and someone who we spent way too many hours with). Fans get the opportunity to see for themselves if the live-action/animated hybrid film has improved it’s look […]

SEGA Gives Team Sonic Racing a New Gameplay Trailer

SEGA has released a brand new trailer this week for Team Sonic Racing, this time around we finally get a look at some of the gameplay for the title. For months the company has been showing us still-frames and releasing music tracks and behind-the-scenes talks about the music tracks… but not a lot about gameplay. […]

Team Sonic Racing - Making of the Music - Part 1

SEGA Releases a New Music Video From Team Sonic Racing

SEGA has released a new music video of sorts offering a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Team Sonic Racing soundtrack. This time around we get a short interview with Toriena and Jun Senoue as they craft out music for the game, featuring the song “Bingo Party” as the music you get to listen […]