New ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Trailer Shows Kingpin Battle

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Spider-Man has some of the most iconic villains in the entire Marvel library. For one, because he’s one of their longest-running heroes, and because some of them have just managed to stand the test of time. You can make various arguments for who holds the top spot for greatest villain of all time, and one of the names that would undoubtedly sit near the top would be The Kingpin. So it brought us a lot of joy to see this image come about yesterday:

credit//Insomniac Games

Yep, there’s Spider-Man, battling against The Kingpin in the new PlayStation 4 game. The trailer below, released by Sony yesterday, shows off a behind-the-scenes perspective with Insomniac Games going into the style of a title with a more experience Peter Parker and an NYC with Miles Morales hanging out.

As a fan, I can attest that I appreciate the idea that I no longer have to sit through another round of Parker discovering his powers, and instead, we get an experienced Spider-Man who actually knows what the hell he’s doing. Far too long have we had to accept him as a kid trying to figure things out as he’s also trying to figure out MJ or Gwen Stacy. It’s going to be an impatient wait for Marvel’s Spider-Man before it finally comes out in 2018.

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