Get Your First Look At Weapon H (Hulkverine) From Marvel’s Weapons Of Mutant Destruction Crossover

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Marvel has released a first full look at Weapon H, the mash-up between Hulk and Wolverine created by the Weapon X program to terrorize the cast of Weapon X and Totally Awesome Hulk during the Weapons of Mutant Destruction crossover event.


Admit it: you’ve always wanted to see a mash-up between Hulk and Wolverine. Maybe you just enjoy two of Marvel’s toughest characters combined into a single entity. Or maybe you’ve been shipping Hulk and Wolverine since 1974 when Wolverine first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #180, writing dozens of erotic fan fiction stories (and imagining hundreds more) over the years as the romantic tension between Bruce and Logan slowly boils over into smoldering passion, a feral, animalistic love that only these two indestructible beasts can experience, culminating ultimately in an impossible child born of that love, combining the sexiest features of each into one irresistible package. Hypothetically, of course.

What we’re saying is, for whatever reason — we’re not judging — you probably wanted to see this. Now, you don’t have to wait for Weapon H to fully debut in Totally Awesome Hulk #22 to hit stores on August 16 because Marvel has revealed his appearance with the teaser by Mike Deodato Jr. below:

It’s also probable worth noting that both the first appearance of Hulk and first appearance of Wolverine sell for a lot of money on eBay, so imagine how much exponentially more the first appearance of Hulkverine will be worth? You can thank us later.

Written by GREG PAK
The Weapon X program’s twisted head scientists have finally completed
their magnum opus! Now BATCH X is awake, and it’s MAD AS HELL.
FOC – 07/24/17, On-Sale – 08/16/17

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