Report: Joker And Harley Cosplayers Shot By Police While Boning At Swingers Sex Party

An Australian night of adult-oriented fun took a frightening turn Friday night when police in Melbourne burst into a swingers party and shot two people dressed as Harley Quinn and The Joker while they were having sex.

The party, taking place at Melbourne’s Inflation nightclub, was part of the Saints and Sinners Ball. Billed as Australia’s premiere adult event, balls are held multiple times per year dating back twenty-six years. The July 7th party’s theme was listed as Rockers, Punks & Goths, and admission was listed at $55 a ticket.

According to local news reports, police responded to calls about a man’s toy gun and shot both the Joker and Harley Quinn cosplayers while they were in “a compromising position.” Police say the man was pointing a gun at them when they fired, wounding him in the chest and his partner in the leg. However, venue staff reportedly say that the man was not holding the gun when he was shot.

The nightclub’s owner, Martha Tsamis, said on Facebook that no one on the staff called the police, and police were advised to let nightclub staff handle any issues, “But police rejected this advice, stormed in, fired 3 shots, and a taser, with the outcome being 2 people suffering from serious gunshot wounds.”

Footage of the wounded partygoers being placed into ambulances was captured by Nine News Melbourne:

Following the incident, the Saints and Sinners Ball website has gone into maintenance mode. The last archive of the site, from July 2, advertises the then-upcoming party:

Saints & Sinners Ball is an erotic party held in Melbourne, where like-minded couples and females party, dance and play in a ‘no holds barred’ extravaganza of adult fun mixed with erotic costumes in an electric atmosphere. Parties for saints with a naughty inner sinner!

Several questions remain unanswered by police, such as whether the gun was real or a toy, and why so serious? Inflation Nightclub’s next planned party is ManDate: Xmas In July, scheduled for July 29.

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