Nick Spencer Now Rumoured To Write Amazing Spider-Man

Recently, we heard from a pretty good source that Nick Spencer was going to be writing a Spider-Man ongoing series to follow the conclusion of Secret Empire. I speculated that Spencer may take over Spectacular Spider-Man. Or start a new title, with the recently trademarked Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man. But said source who has proved pretty reliable over the years insisted that, no, Spencer is on Amazing Spider-Man. 

I initially dismissed the possibility of it being Amazing Spider-Man. Dan Slott is ensconced on that title and has said given his way, he would write the comic for life, and have to be fired off it. Well, sales have been strong, especially compared to other Marvel monthly series and reviews — especially of recent issues — have been positive. There has been speculation that he would be writing the Marvel Legacy launching Marvel Two-In-One, a title he has expressed much fondness for as a child and he wrote the Thing solo series to acclaim earlier in his career. But he’s written Amazing Spider-Man alongside the concluding Silver Surfer. Losing Slott from Spider-Man didn’t make sense. And anyway…

Maybe Spencer will be coming on later? Maybe like Christos Gage, it’s a co-write? Or a split-write for the multiple-shipping comics? Or, as is ever a possibility, it’s completely and utterly wrong?

Maybe we’ll learn more at San Diego Comic-Con. Or learn less.

Nick Spencer Amazing Spider-Man?

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