How Marvel Comics Is Trying To Push Marvel Legacy #1

Marvel Legacy #1 will be published on September 27th, 2017. And Marvel Comics really wants this to land.

So there are many variant and tiered covers: Alex Ross (1:50), B&W Joe Quesada (1:500), B&W Alex Ross (1:100), Amy Reeder (1:25) Skottie Young, John Tyler ChristopherGreg Land, and the Mark Brooks Wraparound (200% of orders for Secret Empire #6).

But then comic book retailers can qualify for varying levels of extra discount on their orders, depending on their orders on Secret Empire #2 — whether 250%, 200% or 150%. For the record, Secret Empire #2 had a North American estimate of retailer orders by Comichron of just over 100,000.

It’s one of those deals where they encourage retailers to order more than the retailers think they can sell, especially on a $5.99 book, by knocking the wholesale price down for those who do. And then with an installed bases of available copies at comic books across the land, they run press and promotion to encourage people to go to their local store, safe in the knowledge that after all this, there should be copies waiting for them.

When DC Comics launched DC Rebirth, they published an 80-page comic priced at $2.99 to set up the stories that would spin out of it. Marvel’s 64-page equivalent is $5.99. And any extra discount gets passed onto the retailers if they order a lot more. This is how Marvel intends to get the top spot for September in comic book stores and try and spin that into all the Marvel Legacy not-relaunched titles.

Will it work in your store?

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