Three Marvel Characters Return To Secret Empire #5 - This Is A Big Bad Spoiler About Just One Of Them

Three Marvel Characters Return To Secret Empire #5 – This Is A Big Bad Spoiler About Just One Of Them

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Secret Empire #5 by Nick Spencer, Andrea Sorrentino, Rod Reis and Joshua Cassara is published by Marvel Comics tomorrow, reaching the series halfway mark. So much has been torn down it, about time some things were built up. So here are a few teasers about what is to come, followed by one big bad mother of a spoiler that you may want to avoid, so we will place a big spoiler in front of it. I think it is newsworthy in and of itself, you may disagree.

As teased in a previous issue, there is a traitor on the team hunting down cosmic cube fragments. But they are not stretching it out, you will get a pretty clear idea of who exactly is the culprit. But equally, there is also someone on the Hydra team willing to be a traitor against Steve Rogers and teaming up with the rebels.

The Vanishing Point (if that is what we are now calling it gives no details as to whether those joining Steve Rogers are versions of Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson as we presumed, or indeed Rick Jones and James Rhodes as other wiser folk suggested. But the entry of a fourth figure leans towards the second interpretation. And is the first of the returns mentioned above, from the dead.

Hank McCoy is in full collaboration mode and we get an idea where Emma Frost got her cosmic cube fragment, as seen in a recent Secret Empire spinoff, from. And the Thor Odinson Hydraness gets as good an explanation as you are going to get.

The new Patriot now has the full attention of what passes for Tony Stark with his new invention. Indeed, he gets the attention of another figure, ahead of Marvel Legacy, marking the second return of a major Marvel figure from the dead. Or as close as it gets.

Oh and that third reveal. Saved for last. Another return for Marvel Legacy.

He made headlines when he died. It emerged that it only happened because of the interference in his life by the Hydra-ised Captain America. And he got a very particular arrow throw his head, courtesy of Hawkeye.

And, yes, Secret Empire #5, somehow, featured the return of Bruce Banner, in the real (or as much as it passes for in the Marvel Universe) world.

Explanations, none, Or at least, not yet.

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