Sam Wilson Is The Falcon Again In Marvel Legacy

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Following up on a day’s worth of anti-climactic homage cover reveals for all the titles that are part of Marvel Legacy in September, the House of Ideas has begun sending homage covers that serve as the grand finale, presumably the announcements that will change the industry as they’ve been promising.

So far, we’ve seen a teaser for The Death Of The Mighty Thor, hinting at a possible death for Jane Foster. Bigger news than the rest so far? Sure. But hardly industry changing. A good comic book super-mega-crossover event can’t even get started without killing off at least two major characters. Death is meaningless in comics.

Now, we’re learning that Sam Wilson will apparently return to being The Falcon with Marvel Legacy (and also return to The Falcon’s legacy numbering, probably. It seems less of an innovation and more of the predictable conclusion to Sam taking over the Captain America role. And with The Punisher replacing War Machine on one cover, if anything, the vibes we’re getting so far aren’t exactly forward-thinking. Does it count as changing the industry if the change is more of a regression?

In any case, check out the teaser below, and stay tuned for at least four more of these. Maybe Marvel is saving the best for last?

Falcon by Elizabeth Torque
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