Super Lucky’s Tale Trailer Shown At Microsoft E3 Conference


Microsoft has just concluded their E3 press conference, and one of the many games shown off was a trailer for Super Lucky’s Tale. Looks like it will be a classic platform style, which already grabs my attention as those are the games I have been craving as of late. Also: it is SUPER adorable. My daughter actually just made me play the trailer like 6 times. Here that is, along with a game description:

Xbox One console exclusive. “Super Lucky’s Tale” is a playground platformer for all ages. Join Lucky, the ever-optimistic, energetic, and lovable hero on his quest to find his inner strength and help his beloved sister rescue the Book of Ages from Jinx. Jinx, the scheming and mysterious villain, is trying to reshape the world…but for what reason?

Seriously: this looks super cute. Family style side-scrolling games should make more of a comeback people. I know as a gamer with a family, these types of games will always be a hit with me. This was also confirmed to not be a VR title on the Xbox, so there is that as well. There was some question about that since it came bundled with Oculus in the past. Also: quite a few people thought this was a Conker game. Sorry, no dice there. You got excited for nothing. But overall most people seem ready for a return of side-scrolling action/adventure games, and as evidenced by the sucess of retro game systems, the market for this type of game is out there. We can’t all be playing Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed you know. I say bring on the adventure!

The game is slated for a November 7, 2017 release date, and can already be preordered right here. That is crazy, stupid quick.  What a world we live in, huh?

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