Henry Ian Cusack Joins Marvel’s Inhumans As Cast Reaches Critical Mass Of LOST Alums, Plus: Black Bolt’s Parents

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Henry Ian Cusack gets the call saying he got the job on Inhumans
Henry Ian Cusack gets the call saying he got the job on Inhumans

With a 42 person regular cast across its six season run, ABC’s LOST produced so many “alumni” that it’s a proven statistical certainty that any new show with a cast of more than five people will hire a LOST alum at one point or another. So when Meet The Movie Press’s Jeff Sneider predicted back in February that a LOST alum would be cast in a major role in Marvel’s Inhumans, he was actually casting a wide net rumor that has paid off twice already, and appears to be paying off a third time now. First, Anson Mount, who played a character named Kevin in the LOST episode Man of Science, Man Of Faith, was cast as Black Bolt on the new Marvel show. Soon after, former LOST star Ken Leung, who played Miles Straume on LOST, was cast as Karnak on the show. And now, Henry Ian Cusack, who played Desmond Hume on LOST, has joined Marvel’s Inhumans in the role of a scientist who interacts with the Inhumans.

ScreenRant was the first to catch on to this story by reading IMDb’s Inhumans entry and seeing Cusack, along with two more cast members, were recently added to the show. By sheer coincidence, though it seems to happen for them a lot, competing website Newsarama stumbled upon the exact same information a day later without ever seeing the ScreenRant article, as they don’t mention it at all in their report. The other two cast members are Michael Buie and Tanya Clarke as Black Bolt’s parents, King Agon and Queen Rhynda.

Inhumans, about a group of weirdos with strange powers who Marvel really hopes you’ll like as much as the X-Men, will debut its first two episodes in IMAX theaters in September before airing on ABC in the Fall.

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