Karolina Joins Runaways Lineup In Latest Marvel Teaser

Karolina Joins Runaways Lineup In Latest Marvel Teaser

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Hulu will be streaming a Runaways TV show early next year, and Marvel will have a new Runaways book on the stands to properly capitalize. If they start early enough, they might even be able to relaunch it right when the show drops to maximize those sales numbers. With that in mind, Marvel has been promoting the series with the industry best practice of releasing a series of teaser images to comic book websites, who are so hungry for clicks that they will publish literal advertisements as news stories.

Is that how little you think of us, Marvel? That we’re just going to publish multiple free advertisements over the course of two weeks just so that our competitors don’t get clicks from them that we could be getting? Do you think we have no pride? No dignity? Do you really think we’re going to stand for this?

Ok, you got us. All of that is true. We are going to stand for it, we have absolutely no dignity, and of course we’re going to publish the teaser.

We’ve previously seen Nico Minoru, Chase, and Old Lace, and now Karolina joins the cast in this exciting new teaser for Marvel’s upcoming Runaways!


The earlier teasers:





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