The First SDCC Hasbro Marvel Exclusives Have Been Revealed, And Fans Of Thor Will Be Ecstatic

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It is about that time for SDCC exclusives to start being revealed, whether companies want them to or not, and this one is a big one. Pictures have leaked online this morning of what is going to be one of the Marvel Legends exclusives from Hasbro this year, and it is one of the nicest sets they have ever produced, as we are getting a set of five figures based on Jason Aaron‘s epic run on Thor. Some of these figures have been long-requested from fans for a long time, including the first Marvel Legends figure for Jane Foster Thor, and I for one think this will be one of if not the most sought-after exclusives at the con. The packaging looks amazing, with each character getting their own window box and a short character description next to their name near the looks to possibly fold into something as well, although I can’t tell what from the pics.

These are some of the best looking figures Hasbro has done for this line as well. Bor and Ulik are massive, towering sculpts that feature detailed armor and accessories. Beasts of figures right there, Bor looks to maybe be using the Colossus buck from the last X-Men wave. Malekith is a study in paint aps, hopefully they can keep the QC issues down with that one. For me the two standout figures are Odinson and Jane Foster Thor. For Odinson, I love the look of the cape and his metal arm, it is an awesome look, and he comes with his axe Jarnbjorn. And before people freak out, I am sure Jane Foster Thor will be released separately as well. Her sculpt looks incredible. If she does NOT end up being released separately, this boxset will soar through the roof on the aftermarket, more than it already will being a SDCC exclusive. They also sell them on Hasbro Toy Shop usually a week or 10 days after the con as well, so everyone will have a chance, no matter how small, to get this.


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