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King Thor: A New Thor #1 from Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic in September

King Thor: A New Thor #1 by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic in September

One year ago, with the War of the Realms yet to begin, Jason Aaron said that the Thor #1 launched in 2018, his sixth Thor #1 since beginning his epic run on the character, would be his last. Well, it looks like Aaron had one last Thor #1 inside of him after all, as he […]

Thor to Be Missing After War of the Realms For Jason Aaron's Final Story

Thor to Be Missing After War of the Realms For Jason Aaron’s Final Story

In August, Jason Aaron will begin his final story, with artist Mike Del Mundo, in Thor #16. But there’s just one problem: there’s no Thor! Marvel’s August solicitations reveal that Thor will be missing after the conclusion of Marvel’s biggest-ever super-mega-crossover event, War of the Realms. They don’t explain why — that would be spoilers, […]

Marvel Comics Solicitations July 2019

Thor Faces the Consequences of Ending the War of the Realms in Thor #15

Jason Aaron has done some amazing work with the God of Thunder over the last few years, so it’s kind of sad to see him wrap up his time on the series. Still, he’s given us The God Butcher, The Unworthy Thor, and Thor: The Goddess of Thunder, which were all excellent entries into the […]

“Knock on Wood,” but Jason Aaron Thinks War of the Realms Will Come Out on Time

Marvel’s upcoming War of the Realms is set to be the publisher’s biggest-ever super-mega-crossover event, but writer Jason Aaron has even more ambitious plans that could change the course of Marvel history: he thinks all of the issues will be drawn by the same art team and come out on time. Aaron was recently interviewed […]

Malekith Takes Manhattan in War of the Realms #2; Plus: a Midnight Release

Ahead of their April solicitations, Marvel has revealed more details about War of the Realms, specifically War of the Realms #2, which sees Malekith’s invasion come to New York City. And with Thor too busy to get involved (come on, Thor!), it could mean trouble as Marvel kicks what they’ve promised is their biggest-ever super-mega-crossover […]

The Road to War of the Realms Begins in February, Marvel’s Biggest Event Ever

Marvel’s February solicitations have just come out, featuring the beginning of the Road to War of the Realms in Thor #10 by Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo. Building for years as part of Aaron’s various runs on various Thor books, Marvel finally made things official earlier this month, and they’ve gone all in, comparing the […]

War of the Realms, Bigger Than Secret Wars, Rocks the Marvel Universe in April

It’s a story long in the making, the culmination of Jason Aaron’s multiple-relaunch-spanning Thor run (and also the new Asgardians of the Galaxy), and labeled “insane” by global entertainment superstar Donny Cates. And it finally arrives in April, Marvel revealed Friday, from Aaron, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson, and promises an event of “unparalleled scale” […]

Avengers #7 cover by Geoff Shaw and Jason Keith

The Avengers #7 Review: Riding the Flaming Woolly Mammoth

Long ago, there was a cave boy who lived with a pack of his kind. However, he was the only one in his pack that could speak or think clearly. One day, a large man with white hair arrived and carved his way to the top of the pack. He could think and speak clearly […]

Hither Came Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar to Bring Us Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian #1

Marvel has finally revealed the details on the return of Conan the Barbarian to Marvel Comics. Conan The Barbarian #1 will launch with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth in January from the creative team of writer Jason Aaron, artist Mahmud Asrar, colorist Matt Wilson, and cover artist Esad Ribic. For Aaron, whose beard might cause […]

Avengers #6 cover by Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, and David Curiel

The Avengers #6 Review: Not All it Could be But Still a Joyous Read

Thor and She-Hulk are Celestial-sized, the Ghost Rider has taken over the body of the dead Celestial, and Iron Man has unleashed an armor to match them all for size. Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther are battling the Horde on the ground, and Doctor Strange is shutting down Loki. It looks like the […]

Thor #4 cover by Mike del Mundo

Thor #4 Review: Artistic Problems and Lame Plot Points Hurt an Otherwise Good Story

Sindr and her forces interrupt the wedding of Baldur and Hela, and Thor has been apparently killed by Loki. Thanos, however, has his own business to settle with Hela. Karnella, Baldur, Tyr, Loki, Skurge the Executioner and Thori battle against the Fire Goblins of Muspelheim. Meanwhile, Thor hopes to get the help of the Valkyrie […]

Avengers #5 cover by Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, and Jason Keith

Avengers #5 Review: Final Stand Against the Final Host

Loki tells Captain America of the first Celestials to ever arrive on Earth, including the one that Odin and his allies fought one million years prior. The Ghost Rider arrives soon after to save Cap, taking Loki with them. The Final Host are in pursuit. Thankfully, the Avengers assemble around them. Doctor Strange, Iron Man, […]

Avengers #4 cover by Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, and Jason Keith

Avengers #4 Review: Seeking Help from the Eternals

Odin recounts the tale of his own team of heroes and their plight against the Celestials one million years ago. He tells Thor and She-Hulk that he may have an artifact capable of fighting off the Final Host, but it may also end Earth itself. Iron Man and Doctor Strange arrive at Olympia, the home […]

Thor #2 cover by Mike del Mundo

Thor #2 Review: The Odinson Reunion

Thor and Loki have arrived in Niffleheim, the new location of the land of the dead: Hel. He is met by Baldur, the new King of Hel, and his allies, Skurge the Executioner, former Norn Karnilla, and older brother Tyr. After escaping an attack from fire goblins, the denizens of Hel fill Thor and Loki […]

Avengers #3 cover by Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, and Justin Ponsor

Avengers #3 Review: Good, but Slightly Less Good

Ghost Rider and She-Hulk have slain the swarm of giant bugs while, elsewhere, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Thor, and Iron Man are at the mercy of Loki and the Final Host. Loki intends to use the teleporter grenades Carol acquired, but Steve uses his shield to disrupt Loki’s plans, teleporting Steve, Loki, and the Final […]

Thor #1 cover by Mike del Mundo

Thor #1 Review: A Storybook Fantasy for Superhero Fans

Thor is searching for the powerful artifacts spread across the globe when Asgardia exploded. This search has led him to a temple devoted to the rage demon Cytorrak in Thailand. Consequently, this has put him in the path of the Unstoppable Juggernaut, and Thor’s new hammer is not yet ready. In the follow-up story set […]

Jason Aaron’s 6th Thor #1 Will (Probably) Be His Last

Superstar writer Jason Aaron revealed today that, after a run of 6 straight Thor #1 relaunches, he will probably be calling it quits on relaunching the series, allowing another writer to take over constantly rebooting Thor every 6-24 months as is modern Marvel Comics custom. Aaron took to Twitter to reveal the sad news: THOR […]

Avengers #2 cover by Ed McGuinness,Mark Morales, and David Curiel

The Avengers #2 Review: The Avengers Have Truly Assembled

The Final Celestial Host approaches Earth as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain Marvel ride out to meet them. Doctor Strange and Black Panther fight the insect monsters beneath the Earth. Jen Walters struggles to keep her other side under control. Ghost Rider is also being attacked by the insect monsters and has no […]