Is Matthew Rosenberg Angling For Job As The Next Thor Variant Cover Artist?


Matthew Rosenberg is best known as the writer of such comics as We Can Never Go Home, 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, Watchmen, Rocket RaccoonKingpin, and Secret Warriors. But unsatisfied with his success as a writer, it looks like Rosenberg may be looking to quadruple his paycheck at Marvel by getting hired as a variant cover artist for Thor?!

Rosenberg’s journey to eventually infiltrate all areas of comics publishing until he can serve as his own writer, artist, inker, colorist, letterer, editor, publicist, and coffee intern began with a relatively innocent offer to help retailers sell comics.

But when opportunity presented itself like a Milo Manara variant cover, Rosenberg struck!

Showing a versatility that goes far beyond stunning and accurate depictions of powerful Norse gods, Rosenberg offered another example of his talent:

We reached out to Rosenberg for comment on shocking allegations that someone made about his intentions:

But Rosenberg denied the charges, probably because he is already in the midst of launching his own tabloid comic book news site to scoop us on the story.

We have no choice but to believe you, Matthew Rosenberg, or so our lawyers tell us. But everyone should keep an eye on Bleeding Cool’s next Hot 11 Artists list for a potential new breakout star in the near future.

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