Marvel’s Plan To Get Comic Shops To Dress Like Hydra Is Going Over Like A Lead Balloon On Twitter…

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…this kind of balloon.

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on Marvel’s plan to get comic shop employees to wear Hydra shirts to promote Secret Empire. It’s part of Marvel’s overall “Hydra Takeover” marketing gimmick that has been as well-received on social media as, well, as Secret Empire itself. For some reason, one we can’t quite put our finger on, people are uncomfortable with this. Hmm. What could it be?

Anyway, the reaction was swift and overwhelmingly negative, with, out of literally hundreds of tweets just quoting our own tweet of the story, only one or two tweets supporting the idea. Amongst the many tweets no in favor of a Hydra takeover were some from someone who you may remember as the comic shop clerk who brought us a heartwarming tale about a young Supergirl fan last December. Will her shop be participating in the Hydra promotion?

Yeah, doesn’t look like it. Another retailer revealed that Marvel wants shops to do more than just wear t-shirts:

Even former comic book store workers had a similar reaction:

But there was at least one person who seemed to be down with the idea:

Unfortunately, as it turns out…

Well, a customer is a customer, right? Right??

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