Spectacle, Made Men And Dead Of Winter – New Oni Press Comics Announced At 2017 Diamond Summit, Along With A Scott Pilgrim Card Game

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The Diamond Summit 2017 is underway in Chicago ahead of C2E2. And Bleeding Cool has eyes and ears on the floor.


They talked about how they appreciated the direct market, and their investment and support for Oni Press.


They pushed a number of titles from the most recent set of solicitations, Rick And Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It based on the best-selling mobile game, which will have a preview in the FCBD book.


While Rick And Morty HC Volume 2 has new sound recorded by Justin Roiland. It yells at you when you open it.


They have a new edition of Atomic Blonde to tie into the new Coldest City movie based on the property by Anthony Johnston. New printings of The Coldest City will be rebranded as Atomic Blonde to reflect the new movie title.


And a new Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game from Renegade Games. Designed by the maker of Gloom (Card Game).

They have brand new titles

Dead of Winter, based on the board game by Plaid Hat Games.


Written by Kyle Starks with art by Gabo (from The Life After), described as The Walking Dead meets Air Bud, with Sparky the Dog from the first game as the main character of the book.



Spectacle by Megan Rose Gedris, a gorgeously rendered supernatural circus murder mystery.


An Original Graphic Novel coming this Winter.


Made Men. Written by Paul Tobin, Art by Ajuna Susini (from Italy). The A-Team meets Frankenstein. A mature readers title to fill the void of Letter 44 after its conclusion. #1 in September.


The main character is a descendent of Dr. Frankenstein and uses his research to continue his work. Expect dark/smart/pulpy/humor.


Their Square One price point with $10 trades and $1 issues is doing well so expect more coming this June with The Sixth Gun Vol. 1 and Courtney Crumrin Vol. 1

And this October, Stumptown Vol. 1 The Bunker Vol. 1

Expect more OGN’s coming to their publishing slate.

You can follow more of our Diamond Summit coverage here.

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