Retailers, Put Your Comic Store Logo in the World of Blader Runner

Retailers, Put Your Comic Store Logo in the World of Blade Runner

Okay, so the Diamond Retail Summit 2019 in Las Vegas kick off tomorrow, where comic book publishers, creators, activist groups and Diamond Comic Distributors all pitch up to talk about the comics industry with comic book retailers from around the world (but mostly North America). So today, and all weekend long, expect a lot of […]

Diamodn Retailer Summit Las Vegas

That 2019 Diamond Retailer Summit Las Vegas Event Guide in Full

Can you make it to the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas? Are you even a comic book retailer? Either way, courtesy of Bleeding Cool, you can fantasise about being one. Jetting in, checking in to your hotel, looking at all the enticements that the gambling capital of the world has on offer, the show, […]

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Neal Adams’ Batman Vs Ra’s Al Ghul Series for DC’s Year Of The Villain

It’s going to be an interesting Diamond Retailer Summit this weekend. And DC Comics is throwing up a number of announcements in advance – some of which they didn’t quite expect yet. I hear that meant some early morning phone calls. Anyway, this is what they were expecting to announce today – and just have, […]

Comic Store In Your Future – Becoming The Comic Book Guy From The Simpsons

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. He writes: Hello, I will be going to the upcoming Las Vegas Diamond Summit. If there are any publishers interested in doing interviews feel free to drop me a line at Now on to our regular program. I remember as a kid going […]

ComicHub to Look Down On Comics Industry at Diamond Summit in Nevada

ComicHub to Look Down On Comics Industry at Diamond Summit in Nevada

Bleeding Cool has previously written about the new comic store customer management system ComicHub, which allows customers to manage their comic book pull lists, get information and feed back to the stores, who are able to manage their own distributor and publisher orders, deliver promotion offers and, basically, manage everything a bit better. On Saturday, May […]

BOOM! Brings Faithless, Power Rangers Exclusives to Diamond Retailer Summit

BOOM! Brings Faithless, Power Rangers Exclusives to Diamond Retailer Summit

BOOM! Studios has announced its EX-X-XCLUSIVES for the Diamond Retailer Summit: a black and white Paul Pope variant for Faithless #1 and a Dan Mora variant for Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #20. If you’re having trouble remembering which is which, the one without the lesbians making out in the shower is Power Rangers. BOOM […]

Comic Store In Your Future - Avengers: Endgame Hurt Our Sales and No New Customers - Unlike Hellboy

Comic Store In Your Future- Avengers: Endgame Hurt Sales, Unlike Hellboy

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. What a wild and crazy ride it has been these last few weeks. The Avengers: Endgame movie came out and created a new reality for us. Where before with big blockbuster movies based on comics, we saw little to no increase in foot […]

Image Comics Has Three Plans to Help Retailers – and More to Come

Corey Hart, Director of Sales at Image Comics has been talking to retailers about their current and upcoming promotions for Image titles. And they’ve got three of them. No Risk Number Ones Over the past few years, retailers have repeatedly told us that the market has become oversaturated and overwhelming—making it harder and harder for […]


Diamond Retailer Summit Exclusive Covers For Las Vegas 2019

The Diamond Retailer Summit for comic book retailers, publishers and creators will be taking place in Las Vegas from May 18th to 20th. As a way to encourage and reward retailers from attending, publishers often give away very rare Summit-only variant covers of their titles, which can be flipped for enough to pay for flights […]

Diamond Summit Retailers to Tour Las Vegas Comic Shops

Comic retailers attending this year’s Diamond Summit in Las Vegas will be treated to a bit of a busman’s holiday. Getting a bus tour of comic stores in Las Vegas before the day’s business begins. Running from 2pm till 6.30pm, on Saturday, May 18th, the trip costs attendees $15 – but they get back a $25 […]

Diamond Comics Summit 2019 to be Held in Vegas, Baby…

Diamond Comic Distributors has announced that its 2019 Retailer Summit for comic shop retailers will take place from Saturday, May 18th through to Monday, May 20th, 2019 in Las Vegas. The 2019 Retailer Summit will bring together the industry’s retailers, publishers, key vendors, and Diamond staff for the 3-day trade-only event. The summit will feature key […]

AMC Showcases “Kick-Ass Women,” Better Call Saul, and More at Fandom Summit

With a line-up of diverse shows that includes The Walking Dead, Preacher, Dietland, Better Call Saul and Into the Badlands, AMC prides itself on both the quality of its programming and the relationships its built with the fandom around each series. To that end, the network hosted AMC Summit 2018: An Exploration of Fandom in New […]

Dennis Barger Calls For Credit Ratings For Comic Stores At Diamond Summit 2017 (VIDEO)

Here’s a sideways look (literally) at the Diamond Summit in Chicago right now, in which retailers are addressing their issues to Diamond representatives. Including issues about stock knowledge issues, and from Robert Scott of Comikaze in San Diego, about how Diamond closes too early for West Coast stores. But about four minutes forty into the […]

The Return Of Marvel Value Stamps, Announced At 2017 Diamond Summit

Marvel Value Stamps ran in Marvel Comics during 1974-1976, Series A and Series B. Series A saw 100 “stamps” featuring images of Marvel characters that could be cut out from the letters pages of various Marvel comics and then taped into a 16-page book that Marvel sold separately. While the Series B stamps were 100 puzzle […]

The X-Men To Go Back To The Mojoverse, Revealed At 2017 Diamond Summit

The Marvel meeting at the Diamond Summit in Chicago just broke. Press and phones were banned from the presentation to comic book retailers, and it seems much of this was to try and keep the fans thinking about Secret Empire rather than the Marvel Legacy and Make Mine Marvel stuff that is to follow it. But […]