Kodansha Shows Off Attack On Titan: No Regrets Full Colour Artwork At The 2017 Diamond Summit

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The Diamond Summit 2017 is underway in Chicago ahead of C2E2. And Bleeding Cool has eyes and ears on the floor.


Including Kodansha’s presentation, announcing and showing off a full colour Attack On Titan graphic novel prequel, No Regrets… and interior artwork for the first time. It is a prequel about fan favorite characters Captain Levi, etc.

img_20170420_084655147 img_20170420_084731333

As well as showing off the Attack On Titan Anthology, being previewed on Free Comic Book Day, a story that was unable to fit in its HC Anthology from last year.

Expect Attack on Titan Volume 21 on April 25th as the new series starts on Toonami this Saturday



With an anime version included with Volume 17+18 of Attack on Titan’s manga special editions.


You can follow more of our Diamond Summit coverage here.

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