Rise Of The Fangirl: Joanna Campbell

Rise Of The Fangirl: Joanna Campbell

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Welcome back to Rise of the Fangirl! Today we have Joanna Campbell, a geek by birth, nerd by choice!


In her own words…”I was raised on Star Trek and Star Wars. Yes, you can like both. Also, classic Doctor Who, Quantum Leap, and Battlestar Gallactica. My mom cosplayed in a STNG command uniform with Vulcan ears and would bring me home the autographs from Shore Leave in the 90s. There was a difference in my house of being grounded, and Star Trek grounded. Star Trek grounded basically meant that you couldn’t eat dinner with the family because they were watching STNG or Voyager. Personally still into Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and the Marvel Cinematic/TV Universe. Currently reading JEM, The Misfits, Josie and the Pussycats, Saga, the new Dark Crystal 12 part series…and anxiously awaiting the second part of the Labyrinth story. Owner of nearly 100 Funko Pop Vinyls and still have my original NIB Strawberry Shortcakes from the 80s…


-What does fandom mean to you?

Fandom has been a part of my identity as long as I can remember. Especially Star Trek, Doctor Who and Star Wars. I kept my original Starwberry Shortcake dolls NIB and still cringe when I open something’s packaging. I would run around as a kid, pairing my face with watercolors or chalk to look like JEM and Rainbow Brite. I have found memories of going out with my parents to find the latest Carebears, looking for STNG action figures late at night when the shipments came in, re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia a million times, and the first time my dad let me borrow his Tolkien books. I was the only kid in town who was watching Star Trek instead of The Simpsons, with my parents attending Shore Leave. Going to conventions and fandom in general gives me a tribe! People who get my references, understand the Prime Directive, and can debate with me endlessly the different theories of time travel.


 -How can we all make fandom a better/safer place for all people?

The easiest way to keep fandom a better and safer place for people is personal accountability. Try not a be a jerk!! Respect each other’s fandoms, don’t be a troll, and don’t grope on your favorite cosplayers! Stand up for your fellow fans, online and IRL.


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