Chatting with San Diego Comic Fest’s Chairman Matt Dunford

Bleeding Cool contributor Jimmy Leszczynski writes: The grass is green and growing, the birds are chirping and it has finally stopped raining in Southern California which can only mean one thing. The Comic Book/ Pop Culture Convention season is is getting ready to bloom for 2019. One of the first of the year is one […]

LibraryCon Encourages Libraries to Run Their Own Comic Cons

Yesterday’s recent LibraryCon Live!, a live streaming event from Library Journal and School Library Journal was an attempt at a deeper look into the diverse world of comics in libraries. A virtual convention with comic book publishers, creators and bloggers all working together to promote literacy and storytelling through comics. Here’s how it looked on […]

Staying Cool At Comic Con Palm Springs 2017

Reporting in from the surface of the sun, Bleeding Cool contributor Jimmy Leszczynski writes on his experiences at Comic Con Palm Springs: Holy Hades Batman! We pulled up to the Palm Springs convention Center this past Sunday as the Mercury blasted past 110°, but that didn’t stop us from attending the coolest Con this summer. The […]

Jason David Frank

Power Ranger Jason David Frank Responds To Being Target Of Heavily Armed Suspect At Phoenix Comicon

More details have emerged via the Arizona Republic surrounding the arrest of Matthew Sterling,  who according to Phoenix Police arrived on Thursday at Phoenix Comicon carrying weapons with the intend to target specific individuals including Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank.  As noted in the probable cause filing against Sterling, weapons recovered from him included: A TWELVE GAUGE SHOTGUN, TWO 45 […]

The Midwest Media Expo Is Cancelled Three Days Before The Doors Were Set To Open

Something no convention-goer ever wants to hear, The Show Has Been Cancelled, especially when it’s mere days before the show was to open. Even as attendees, guests, and exhibitors had been in the midst of packing to head off to the Edward Village Michigan Hotel in Dearborn, Michigan, word was posted to the event’s social media […]

187 Amazing Cosplay Photos From WonderCon

The sensational Peter S Svensson posted even more cosplay from the last day of WonderCon with this wonderful display from Sunday for Bleeding Cool. Let us know if you see yourself in the comments so you can take a bow!

Ashley Eckstein’s Her Universe Launches DC Comics Fitness Gear- And Fitness Videos!

From Ashley Eckjstein’s Her Universe, DC Comics and Kohl’s, here comes a range of Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman-themed fiteness gear, available at Kohls from today, which includes sports bras, tank tops, tees, jackets, shorts and leggings available in juniors and plus sizes, from $24 to $55. The Wonder Woman collection is landing in stores in May […]

99 Cosplay Shots From A Final Day Of Wondercon…

Cosplay by Jimmy Leszczynski and friends… another WonderCon has come to a close, but we’ve still got more collections to share with you of the amazing cosplayers and groups that were out and about the Anaheim Convention Center. We had another great year and thanks for everyone who struck a pose for a photo. If […]

Flash! I Love You! But We Only Have 14 Hours To Save WonderCon!

Jimmy L talked to Sam J. Jones at WonderCon 2017 Gordons alive? That zitty high schooler working at the drive in that used to pretend he was fighting Ming the Merciless along side Brian Blessed and James Bond just got kicked in the Mongos! I met a lifelong hero Sam J. Jones I’m wondering thru […]

Tips From The Big Ideas To Brand To Business Panel At WonderCon

Nick Kazden wrote from Wondercon 2017…. Tony Kim founder of CrazyForComicCon and CEO of HeroWithinInc moderated a spirited conversation between a few hardocre fans who have launched nerdy careers of their own. Kim was joined by Chris Gore, founder of Film Threat and an old regular on G4’s Attack of the Show, Andre Meadows the man […]

The Duck Tape Cosplay Repair Station At WonderCon

Jimmy Leszczynski writes, If you can dream it… you can make it. Duck Tape – America’s favorite do-all, fix-all product – has been a logical choice to assist these imaginative cosplay makers in creating or repairing everything… from costumes to accessories. I spoke with Ashley and Kristi, stationed at the Duck Tape Cosplay Repair station. […]

Valiant Show New Footage From Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe – Wondercon 2017

Nick Kazden reports from Wondercon for Bleeding Cool: I know it’s April Fool’s day, but I’m not joking when I say the new footage for Valiant’s upcoming Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe looks pretty damn good. Hunter Gorinson, VP of Marketing and Communications for Valiant Entertainment led a panel packed with key players in the […]