Nintendo Has Figured Out Why Some Joy-Cons Are Having Sync Issues... Finally

Nintendo Has Figured Out Why Some Joy-Cons Are Having Sync Issues… Finally

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There have been sync issues with some of the Joy-Cons sold with the Nintendo Switch. The sync issues mostly manifested while attempting to wirelessly sync the Joy-Cons remotely, rather than have them controlling the Switch in handheld mode. This primarily affected the left Switch Joy-Con controller as it intermittently lost connection with the console itself.

Well, Nintendo has figured out why that sync issue is happening and is working on a fix.

In a statement to TIME magazine on March 9th,

Nintendo said the number of Joy-Con replacement or repair requests was “not significant,”and was “consistent with what we’ve seen for any new hardware we have launched.” In a new statement to TIME, Nintendo is now saying that “there is no design issue with the Joy-Con controllers” and that there is no “widespread proactive repair or replacement effort underway.” But it acknowledges that a “manufacturing variation” is responsible for wirelessly interfering with “a small number of the left Joy-Con.”

Nintendo then confirmed to TIME that a simple fix was currently in the works for those affected Joy-Cons.

Nintendo did not specify what the fix is, but did urge costumers to get in contact with their support team to determine if a repair is necessary for their Joy Con.

Hopefully now that Nintendo is aware of the problem’s cause, newer models of the left Joy-Con won’t have that sync issue, since they’re planning to ramp up production of new Switch consoles in the upcoming year.

TIME originally noted the sync problem earlier this month as their left Joy-Con experienced sync issues.

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