After Logan, James Mangold Takes On Corrupt NYPD Cops And Awakens The Force

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Logan may not have had a post-credits scene, but it looks like James Mangold is working on an extremely post-post-credits scene. And by that, we mean he’s working on a new movie. And by new movie, we mean he’s working on The Force, an adaptation of a novel by that same name from James Winslow about corrupt police, according to Variety. Ridley Scott is producing the film, which the classic tale of two friends, one a drug enforcement agent, and one working for a drug cartel. That’s how we met our wife, actually. No word on when the film will begin production, but Scott needs to wrap up post-production on Alien: Covenant first.

And then, first things first, they’ll need to make important decisions about The Force. Such as, will it have a post-credits scene? Well, will it?

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