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New "Ford v Ferrari" Trailer Teases a Hell of a Race

New “Ford v Ferrari” Trailer Teases a Hell of a Race

There were a lot of awesome movies that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival but one of the movies that got a lot of critical acclaim is the 20th Century Fox racing movie Ford v Ferarri. Ever since the Fox and Disney deal went through its been a bit of an underwhelming year. However, […]

Irate James Mangold Blasts Post-Credits Scenes in Profanity-Laden Tirade

Unleashing a torrent of f-bombs that ought to have earned his speech an R-Rating just like the movie Logan, director James Mangold went off on the state of modern filmmaking, especially post-credits scenes. Mangold was speaking at a panel at the 2018 Writers Guild Association event sponsored by carmaker Audi when he decided to totally […]

James Mangold and Patrick Stewart Weigh In On Disney Buying Fox

In what will eventually end up being a case of every single person involved with the production of the movie Logan, director James Mangold has weighed in on the looming Fox sale to Disney, which could happen this week. Star Hugh Jackman also commented on the deal earlier today. Mangold revealed to website Deadline that […]

Green Lantern: American Gods EP Michael Green Picks His John Stewart

If you came out of 2011’s Green Lantern thinking that it was “all CGI, no substance” then you’re not alone: the Ryan Reynolds-starring film would prove both a critical and commercial failure for Warner Bros. For screenwriters Gregg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green, the film’s lackluster performance curtailed their plans on where to take […]

James Mangold To Direct Remake Of ‘Disorder’

When you make a movie like Logan a huge critical and commercial success you can pick and choose what projects you want to take on next. It’s the type of freedom that is rarely awarded to director and James Mangold appears to be in that position. According to The Tracking Board Mangold has signed on […]


Will Someone Please Let James Mangold Make A X-23 Movie?

Can we all just agree that Dafne Keen’s Laura was one of the best part of Logan? We saw from her first interaction with Hugh Jackman that this girl was going to bring something special to the role which she did. It’s not easy taking an eleven year old through a movie like that but […]

The Trailer For ‘Logan Noir’ Is Beautiful

The first trailer for Logan was pretty much perfect. It took a movie that was barely on anyone’s radar and catapulted it to the top of most anticipated movies for 2017. In the end the movie earned commercial and critical success that it 100% deserves. Director James Mangold told us months ago that there was […]

Liev Schreiber Was Almost In ‘Logan’

We have all tried to collectively forget that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a thing that happened and now that Logan has come and gone we have all finally received the X-Men movie we’ve always wanted. However, Logan was not a perfect movie and one of the things that made the movie fall a little flat […]

After Logan, James Mangold Takes On Corrupt NYPD Cops And Awakens The Force

Logan may not have had a post-credits scene, but it looks like James Mangold is working on an extremely post-post-credits scene. And by that, we mean he’s working on a new movie. And by new movie, we mean he’s working on The Force, an adaptation of a novel by that same name from James Winslow […]

The Real Heartbreaking Thing About Logan

This post contains MASSIVE spoilers for Logan to go alongside this particular bit of thinking around the context of the movie. So if you have not yet seen the film….read at your own risk. In fact, the film is too good…go see it first and come back! . . . Seriously, I implore you, go […]

The Logan X-Men Comics Artwork by Joe Quesada

Some minor spoilers perhaps, though it was kind of featured in a few of the trailers. Logan, out now in case you somehow didn’t know, features an in-universe, X-Men comic that the characters pass around and refer to occasionally. The art was created by Joe Quesada and Dan Panosian, with the former sharing on Facebook […]

Logan Will Be Set In Same Universe As Other X-Men Films After All

Earlier this week, comments made by Logan star Hugh Jackman made their way around the web, sparking a panic that the film would be set in an alternate universe than the rest of the X-Men films. Bleeding Cool’s own headline on the subject was uncharacteristically more restrained than many, stating that it would be a […]

Logan Officially Gets Its R Rating Thanks To Brutal Violence And Brief Nudity

It’s never been in much doubt that Logan was going to get an R rating. The film has essentially traded on it, and it has had red band trailers accompanying it. However, just as a bit of confirmation, it is now officially. Director James Mangold proudly tweeted out the certification and revealed that it was […]